Destiny 2: A Complete Guide to K1 Logistics Master's Lost Sector (2023)

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  • Recommended mods and equipment
  • K1 Logistics: Entry
  • K1 Logistics: Garage
  • K1 Logistics: Corridor
  • Logistics K1: Boss Arena

Destination 2Season of the Chosen added the Lost Sectors of the Moon to the Legendary Lost Sector rotation. These Lost Sectors are brutal and contain substantially more enemies than most Lost Sectors. Expect to fight dozens of Fallen as you tackle these quests.

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The first Master Lost Sector of the bunch, K1 Logistics, is one of the toughest Legendary Lost Sectors to clear in Destiny 2. Nine champions dot this claustrophobic area, so you'll need to bring your A game if you're below level. Fortunately, there are some weapons and mods that make this easier to complete. Here's our complete guide to beating K1 Logistics Lost Sector on Master difficulty in Destiny 2.


Updated on September 19, 2022 by Charles Burgar:Bungie gave some anti-Champion properties to exotic weapons in Season of Plunder. Along with the Artifact update, we thought an update was needed. We've updated this guide with updated loadout recommendations to reflect current anti-Champion methods and recent balance changes.

Recommended mods and equipment

Destiny 2: A Complete Guide to K1 Logistics Master's Lost Sector (1)

K1 Logistics is a fairly short Lost Sector filled with deadly fallen champions and enemies.If it is significantly below the level, use solar energy or some form of healing. Here's what you'll be up against:

K1 Logistic Modifiers

K1 Logistic Modifiers

Burn down



Arc and Solar


barrier and overload


The radar is disabled.

hot knife

Shanks have sunscreens.

master difficulty

team blocked

You will not be able to change your equipped loadout after starting this activity.

matching game

Enemy shields are highly resistant to all elemental damage with no equal.

additional champions

This mode contains additional champions.

limited revive

Limited Fire Team revives. Get additional revives by defeating champions.

K1 Logistics features a ton of parasols, barrier servers, and surge captains.Bring a good primary weapon that has unstoppable rounds., preferably a solar weapon to match the burn. You'll also want to bring a good anti-barrier weapon like the Arbalest or Lament.

(Video) How To Complete the K1 LOGISTICS Master Lost Sector | Season of the Seraph Lost Sector Guide

Since fallen champions are quite difficult to deal with, we'll give you some tips on how to deal with them.

barrier serversHe will always project his barrier when you remove ~20% of his HP. Break the barrier and the Champion will break all immunity links for a few seconds. Usually, he will want to zero in on stunning servers the moment he sees one.

overload captainsteleport sporadically, so you need to be quick to stun them. Try to stay at medium distances so as not to lose line of sight. When an Overload Captain starts to recover from a stun, he keeps shooting it with Overload Rounds. This prevents the captain from recovering his HP and teleporting, even if he is immune to stuns. When his horns flash and become more vibrant, you can stun Overload again.

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recommended load








hunters You can deal serious damage as a gunslinger. You'll want to focus on Ignites as a gunslinger, using Caliban's exotic hand to trigger Ignites on kill. If there are no weak enemies around, use your knife along with a grenade to force an Ignite, dealing massive damage. The Ignites can clear parts of this Lost Sector single-handedly.

titans you must use Sentinel for this Lost Sector. Access to Void Overshields is quite useful to start with, and building around Volatile can allow for a brute force arc and sun shields. His abilities will also benefit from elemental burn, making Volatile a devastating debuff on targets.

sorcerers completely ignore death with Voidwalker. Constant Devour's processes allow you to stay alive in heavy firefights, as long as you're killing enemies. Overcharged Vortex Grenades with Contraverse Retention can also demolish champions, but feel free to use Feed the Void with Son of the Old Gods. If you can't find a good overload gun, use blotting filaments.


the monarch

Stuns Overload champions for massive damage.

any sun arc

Stuns Overload this season and will break sunscreens.


Simple fire barrier shields.


One-shots Barrier protects and counters all shield types.


Arguably the best Void Heavy in Destiny 2.

death Bringer

One of the most powerful rocket launchers in the game.


Deals heavy damage with Burn of Void.

This season's artifact has no overload counters, so you'll need to stick with bows or exotic weapons.the monarchIt's arguably your best bet, countering overload captains while dealing insane arrow damage. If you can't brute force through the sun shields of this Lost Sector,bring a solar arc instead.

For Barriers, you can't go wrong withcrossbowoWish-Ender🇧🇷 take your pick Heavy weapons should deal Void damage to even out the burn.magnateit can be crafted by completing a short Enclave questline, and is a Tier S Linear Fusion Rifle. If you don't mind using an Exotic for your Heavy, trydeath Bringer.

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K1 Logistics: Entry

Destiny 2: A Complete Guide to K1 Logistics Master's Lost Sector (2)
(Video) How To Complete the K1 LOGISTICS Master Lost Sector | Season of Plunder Lost Sector Guide

incoming enemies

  • A captain overload
  • A barrier server
  • Captain (bow)
  • marotos
  • vandals
  • human waste

As soon as you spawn, you will notice a path littered with fallen mines.Shoot the top right mine to blow them all up.This should get the attention of aoverload championDown the hall. Shoot him with an overload weapon and then kill him with your heavy weapon.

If you don't remove the barrier server from this section now, it will retreat to the garage and make one of the overload captains in that room invulnerable. Focus on killing this champion as quickly as possible.

Around the corner there will be some vandals and abarrier server🇧🇷 Since the server is likely to make vandals immune, it's a good idea to interrupt the champion first. Damage him until Servant deploys his shield, then break him to remove the immune tethers. Take out the nearby vandals and focus on killing the champion. Defeat the Captain and Dregs in the corner of the room, then head up to the garage.

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K1 Logistics: Garage

Destiny 2: A Complete Guide to K1 Logistics Master's Lost Sector (3)

garage enemies

  • two captains up
  • A barrier server
  • Seeker Kindred (Solar)
  • exploding rods
  • vandals
  • human waste

Just above the stairs there will be aoverload captainguarded by some shankswith snipers🇧🇷 You can lure the captain to the ledge facing the previous room and stun him. Use any heavy weapon to take him down. From there, he uses a sun gun to break through Shank's shields.

(Video) Destiny 2 | Master Lost Sector K1 Logistics | Exotic Head Armor | Master Lost Sector Today

When you reach the catwalk on the right side of the room, Explosive Shanks will appear. Double back to the ladder, then pick them up one by one. Aoverload captainwill push your position at this point, which may be immune to thebarrier serveron the ground floor. If that happens, you'll have to juggle damaging both and breaking the server's shields before stunning the captain.You can prevent the Overload Captain from recovering his HP by shooting him with an Overload weapon, even if he is currently immune.🇧🇷 It will not "stun" the captain, but will disable his health regeneration.

Destroy the barrier server on the bottom level, then defeat all the remaining losers and champions. Continue to the end of the room to enter a small hallway that leads to the final arena. Collect all the ammo bricks before leaving this room; you will need them.

K1 Logistics: Corridor

Destiny 2: A Complete Guide to K1 Logistics Master's Lost Sector (4)

corridor enemies

  • A captain overload
  • miserable
  • human waste

You will be surrounded by a wave of Wretches and Dregs when you enter the hallway. Aoverload captainwill show up to help them, which puts you in a bad position.use a rocket launcher, Grenade, or activate a Solar Ignition to finish off most foraging enemies. Stun the Champion, then kill him.

Assume you didn't kill him in the first stun, going in and out of one of the fallen crates at the side of the room. As long as you have a high Mobility stat, the Captain cannot hit you while doing this. Stun him as many times as necessary before he dies.

When you reach the end of the hallway, throw a grenade to kill the trio of bastards guarding the door. He goes through their bodies to reach the final arena.

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(Video) Destiny 2 | Easy Solo "K1 Logistics" Legend Lost Sector Guide (1570) [S18] [Hunter]

Logistics K1: Boss Arena

Destiny 2: A Complete Guide to K1 Logistics Master's Lost Sector (5)

Enemies of Boss Arena

  • boss server
  • Two barrier servers
  • A captain overload
  • nightmare legs
  • nightmare residue
  • Seeker Kindred (Solar)
  • Captains (Arc)
  • vandals
  • human waste

Not much coverage to work with here. The corner cover outside the hallway exit can work in a pinch, but you'll need to stay mobile if you don't have a means of turning invisible.

Your first priority should be to get thebarrier serversin the center of the arena. Use your special or heavy weapons to take down these enemies as quickly as possible. When they are dead, the Servant boss will spawn a small wave of Shanks near it.To remove the invulnerability shield, you will need to kill Nightmare Shanks near the boss. A solar weapon will destroy your shields., opening them up to a devastating rocket. He only kills these Shanks when the rest of the adds are dead; things will get out of hand if you don't.

When the Servant becomes vulnerable, use your Super or any weapon to remove the first third of their health. He will then teleport to the left side of the arena, spawning a new wave of Fallen. In this wave will be aoverload captain🇧🇷 Kill the Overload Captain as fast as you can, using Rockets or even a Super to take him down.

(Video) K1 Logistics Master Lost Sector Solo Guide | Destiny 2

Clean up the rest of the additions near the Servant and continue to destroy its health bar. At the last third of his health bar, the boss will teleport to the right side of the arena, spawning another wave of Fallen. No champions will spawn this time, allowing you to focus only on the boss. Defeat the Servant and get the chest to finish the Lost Sector.

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How do you beat K1 logistics master Lost Sector? ›

Shoot it with an Overload weapon, then kill it with your Heavy weapon. If you do not kill this section's Barrier Servitor now, it will retreat to the garage, making one of that room's Overload Captains invulnerable. Focus on killing this Champion as soon as possible.

Where is the K1 logistics Lost Sector? ›

The K1 Logistics Lost Sector is located in Archer's Line, on the Moon.

Can you solo master Lost sectors? ›

Every day, two Lost Sectors will be of Legend and Master difficulty, rewarding a chance at an Exotic for anyone that can solo it.

How to do K1 logistics? ›

K1 Logistics is found within in Archer's Line. Find the large building with the number '9' on the right side, where there's the Lost Symbol underneath on the outside. Head inside this structure, and as soon as you do, take a hard left, through a red-rimmed doorway.

How many times can you run the master Lost sector? ›

Legend and Master Lost Sectors can be farmed an unlimited number of times. The Witch Queen legendary campaign also drops exotic armor. Shadowkeep exotics are not included in possible exotic armor drops.

How hard is master Lost sector? ›

These Lost Sectors can get rather difficult, especially on Master difficulty. They are far from impossible, however. With the right strategy and loadout, these Lost Sectors can be completed in a few minutes on Legend and six minutes on Master.

How do you unlock master lost sectors? ›

Before you can take on Legendary Lost Sectors and Master Lost Sectors, you must first do a few beforehand to unlock them. First you must complete the normal Lost Sector to unlock the Legendary and Master Lost Sector. This means you will need to enter the Lost Sector, defeat the boss and loot the cache at the end.

Is K1 Communion hard? ›

K1 Communion can be frustrating at times. While only one shielded enemy exists in this entire Lost Sector, you'll need to deal with some of the toughest Champion types in the game. Bring some good Champion counters, and you should be able to clear this on Master without much trouble.

Can you get multiple exotics from legend Lost Sector? ›

Yes you can farm them. If you don't have all Exotics game gives you the one you haven't earn yet. The chance is 33% on Master and 25% on Legend. It's better to farm Legend since it's just faster.

How do you beat master Lost Sector? ›

Use Linear Fusion Rifles or Rocket Launchers. Create a loadout that can stun Overloads, Unstoppables, and break Void shields. We highly recommend Le Monarque for this Lost Sector, as its arrows can break Void shields and stun Overload Champions.

How do you beat the Lost Tank Master empty sector? ›

Use any Overload weapon you have to stun it, then use your strongest weapon to take it out. If you have a Grenade Launcher with Breach and Clear, debuff the Captain before damaging it further. Pro Tip: When an Overload enemy is recovering from a stun, keep shooting it with an Overload weapon.

What level should I be for master lost sectors? ›

In order to access Legend and Master Lost Sectors, players must have completed the Lost Sector in the game on normal difficulty. They also must have a minimum Power Level of 1510 to be able to find them on the map. The game recommends a 1570 Power Level for Legend Lost Sectors and 1600 for Master Lost Sectors.


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