Fedex Material Handler Job Description: Salary, Duties and more (2023)

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  • Fedex Material Handler Skills
  • Fedex material handler work environment
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  • How to Become a FedEx Material Handler
  • Progress prospects
  • Sample job description

A FedEx Material Handler is responsible for moving packages and other items from one location to another. They use a variety of equipment, including forklifts, pallet trucks and conveyors, to load and unload trucks or planes.

A good material handler needs strong communication skills as well as physical strength. They need to be able to clearly communicate with their co-workers about where to place each package so it can be loaded onto the truck efficiently.

Fedex Material Handler Job Duties

A FedEx Material Handler typically has a wide range of responsibilities, which may include:

  • Collect packages received from customers or other locations and deliver them to the appropriate location within the facility
  • Unload incoming packages from trucks and store them in designated areas until they can be picked up by their recipients.
  • Keep an inventory of all incoming and outgoing packages by scanning barcodes or using other tracking methods.
  • Check packages for damage before accepting them from customers or other parties involved in sending or receiving packages
  • Moving packages via wheelbarrow or forklift to different locations within a warehouse or shipping facility
  • Identify items that need special attention during transit, such as fragile items or hazardous materials
  • Unpack items from shipping containers and pack them for delivery to customers
  • Pack the items in boxes or other shipping materials to prepare them for shipment.
  • Loading packages onto conveyor belts or other transport equipment for delivery to other locations

Fedex Material Handler Salary & Prospects

A FedEx material handler salary can vary depending on your level of experience, the size of the city you work in and the company you work for.

  • average annual salary:$36,000 ($17.31/hour)
  • Annual salary of the richest 10%:$70,500 ($33.89/hour)

The employment of FedEx material handlers is expected to grow at an average rate over the next decade.

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Job growth will be driven by the booming e-commerce market as more online retailers and carriers require packages to be shipped to customers across the country. However, automation can limit the number of jobs for these workers.

Fedex Material Handler Job Requirements

To become a FedEx Material Handler, you may need to meet the following requirements:

Education:A high school diploma or GED certificate is usually a minimum requirement for a material handler position. However, some companies may prefer or even require a college degree.

Training experience:Most employers will provide on-the-job training for new material handlers. This training will teach new employees how to use company-specific equipment and software. Training can also cover safety procedures and regulations.

Certifications and licenses:Some companies may require you to pass a certification exam to qualify for a material handling job. These exams measure your understanding of material handling best practices and earn you a professional credential.

Fedex Material Handler Skills

Fedex Material Handlers need the following skills to be successful:

Communication:Communication skills are needed to interact with customers, co-workers and managers. Material handlers often liaise with drivers to determine the location of packages and ensure safe delivery of packages. They also communicate with other employees to ensure order accuracy and ensure product safety.

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Attention to the details:Material handlers are responsible for ensuring that all packages are properly sorted and labeled. They must be attentive to the details of each package to ensure that it is classified and labeled correctly. Attention to detail can also help material handlers ensure they are loading the right packages onto the right trucks.

Physical resistance:Material Handlers lift and move packages of various sizes and weights. They need to have a high level of physical stamina to complete their job duties. Must be able to lift and move packages weighing up to 70 pounds.

Problem solving:As a material handler, you may be responsible for ensuring that all packages are delivered on time. This may involve finding solutions to unexpected problems such as a truck breaking down or driver unavailability. You may also be responsible for finding ways to improve the efficiency of your business.

Organization:As a material handler, you need to be able to organize your workspace and the packages you handle. This includes keeping your desktop clean and tidy and knowing where to store incoming and outgoing packets. It also includes keeping track of your inventory and knowing where to find the supplies you need to complete your tasks.

Fedex material handler work environment

The work environment of a FedEx material handler is very active and can be physically demanding. The job is done in a warehouse and involves lifting, transporting and moving packages that can weigh up to 30 kilos. The job also requires the use of motorized industrial equipment such as forklifts and pallet trucks. Work is done on a set schedule, but extra hours may be required during busy periods. The job is generally considered safe, but there is a risk of injury when lifting heavy packages and operating powered industrial equipment.

Fedex material handler trends

Here are three trends influencing how FedEx material handlers work. FedEx material handlers will need to stay current on these developments to keep their skills relevant and maintain a competitive advantage in the workplace.

The growth of e-commerce

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The growth of e-commerce is a trend that is having a big impact on the shipping industry. As more and more people shop online, the demand for material handling services will continue to grow.

Fedex material handlers can capitalize on this trend by becoming proficient at shipping products online. This includes understanding how to safely pack and ship products, as well as knowing where to ship them. In addition, Fedex material handlers must be familiar with the different shipping options available to customers.

Automation will continue to grow

As automation continues to grow, so does the need for material handlers. Automated systems are becoming more common in warehouses and distribution centers, which means that material handlers will need to learn to work with these systems.

This trend will require material handlers to be comfortable with new technologies and able to quickly adapt to changing conditions. They will also need to be able to work well with others to collaborate on projects.

More attention to employee engagement

Employee engagement has become a top priority for many companies in recent years. That's because research shows that engaged employees are more productive and loyal, which leads to better overall company performance.

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Fedex Material Handler professionals can capitalize on this trend by developing skills that help them connect with co-workers and create a positive work environment. By doing so, they can help your business achieve its goals and improve its bottom line.

How to Become a FedEx Material Handler

A career as a FedEx Material Handler can be rewarding and lucrative. It's important to start off on the right foot when becoming certified in safety, first aid and CPR. This will help you stand out from other candidates and show that you are committed to your work.

You must also keep up to date on the latest technology used in the marine industry. This will allow you to operate new equipment more efficiently and increase your productivity. Also, it's important to build relationships with your co-workers so that you can learn from their experience.

Progress prospects

There are many advancement opportunities for FedEx Material Handlers. With experience, material handlers can rise to leadership positions where they would supervise the work of other material handlers. Those with supervisory experience can be promoted to managerial positions. For those interested in continuing their studies, there are many opportunities to do so within the company. FedEx offers tuition reimbursement for employees who want to earn work-related degrees. There are also many opportunities to receive training and certification in various areas related to material handling.

Sample Fedex Material Handler Job Description

At [CompanyX], we rely on our team of material handlers to keep our operations running smoothly. We are currently looking for a qualified individual to fill the FedEx Material Handler position. In this role, you will be responsible for loading, unloading and sorting packages based on destination. You will also be responsible for maintaining a clean work area and complying with all safety regulations. The ideal candidate will be able to work independently with little supervision and will be able to lift up to 75 pounds. If you are a motivated individual with a strong work ethic, we want you on our team.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Safely unload incoming shipments and move product to storage locations
  • Efficiently pick customer orders for shipment, ensuring the correct products are selected
  • Load outbound shipments onto vehicles and trailers
  • Perform cycle counts and inventory locator maintenance as needed
  • Comply with all company safety rules and procedures.
  • Immediately report any unsafe condition or equipment malfunction to a supervisor
  • Maintain a clean and organized work area.
  • Comply with all company policies and procedures.
  • Help train new employees as needed.
  • Work overtime as needed to meet customer demands.
  • Participate in physical inventories as needed
  • Perform other tasks as assigned

Required Skills and Qualifications

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  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Ability to lift up to 75 pounds without assistance
  • Forklift Certification
  • Proven experience as a material handler or similar role
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.
  • Strong attention to detail

Preferred skills and qualifications

  • Associate's degree in business, logistics or a related field
  • Experience working with Fedex shipping software
  • Working knowledge of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  • Bilingualism


What are the duties of a material handler for FedEx? ›

Job Description

Provides safe and efficient operation of equipment used for the movement of packages/documents/heavyweight, dangerous goods and ULDs. Assists in the buildup/breakdown of pallets containing heavyweight freight. Serves as liaison between company and ULD repair vendor, as required.

What is the job description of a material handler? ›

Operates forklifts, pallet jacks, and other machinery to move items, or signals machine operators to move materials onto and off trucks, ships, and loading docks. Keeps inventory, loading areas, and machinery clean. Open containers, sort, and catalog materials. Learns and adheres to workplace safety regulations.

What is the difference between a FedEx material handler and package handler? ›

Material handlers work outside with the airplane, loading cans. While handlers scan and stack the boxes that come the belt. Package handlers work at the stations and ramps loading and unloading packages.

What is the highest paid package handler FedEx? ›

While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $80,500 and as low as $20,000, the majority of Fedex Handler salaries currently range between $31,000 (25th percentile) to $44,500 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $62,500 annually across the United States.

Is a package handler the same as a warehouse package handler? ›

What's the difference between a Warehouse Worker and Package Handler? Nothing — these are the same roles.

What is the job description of a material associate? ›

A materials associate manages all the materials and products in a workplace, from production to inventory to deliveries. Usually, they work in manufacturing or wherever goods are being made.

Is package handler at FedEx hard? ›

Flexible hours, toxic management

You can have a flexible schedule here, benefits are decent. The work is physically difficult, not something you can do forever. Several managers are toxic, and are willing to throw their employees under the bus to hit their metric goals.

Is a material handler the same as forklift operator? ›

Forklift driving is a sub category of material handling, forklift driver uses a motorized machine to transport product from one location to another. A material handler uses hand truck, electric fork jacks as well at forklifts to move product. Just depends on your knowledge of different ways to move product.

Is material handler a good job? ›

Based on 709 responses, the job of Material Handler has received a job satisfaction rating of 3.57 out of 5. On average, Material Handlers are highly satisfied with their job.

What is the best position at FedEx? ›

The highest-paid job at FedEx is a lead consultant.

These professionals earn an average salary of $86,495, which works out to about $ 41.58 per hour. The top 10 highest-paid jobs at FedEx are: Lead Consultant – $86,495. Senior Technologist – $58,929.

Do FedEx package handlers get raises? ›

When you start working for FedEx, after your first month you get a small raise. You then get another one after 3 months and after that you get a raise every 6 mounts. And all FedEx facilities get a raise in October. 1 month,3 months,6 months,9 months,1 year, 2 years.

Do FedEx package handlers get bonuses? ›

17 Answers from Employees at FedEx

Hourly employees almost always get their bonuses at FedEx freight. However, frontline management are consistently disrespected by the company. If looking for a career go anywhere but freight, XPO starts at nearly the salary of a supervisor with 20+ years of service.

Is package handler easy? ›

No, being a package handler is not an easy role as it requires high levels of physical exertion and mental prowess. A package handler is a physically demanding job that also requires a significant amount of attention to detail and time management.

Do package handlers load trucks? ›

Job Description for Package Handler

The handler's main job is to load and unload packages, boxes, and general freight from trucks or other delivery vehicles.

What is a shipping material handler? ›

A Material Handler, or Warehouse Associate, handles, moves and stores various non-hazardous and hazardous materials within a warehouse. Their main duties include loading and unloading different transport items, recording inventory statuses and making sure deliveries properly match purchase orders.

What is the job description for a materials handler 2? ›

JOB DESCRIPTION: Ships and receives items, pulls orders and verifies type and quantity of ordered items. Issues and delivers items, and performs housekeeping activities in the warehouse. Maintains records or files of information related to inventory, equipment or other items. Orders stock items for replenishment.

Is working as a package handler at FedEx hard? ›

Fast paced, hard work decent pay but not much else

If you're looking for a second job then this is the place for you, unfortunately if you're looking for a career or somewhere to start and hope to grow with the company you might want to look elsewhere.

What skills do you need to be a package handler at FedEx? ›

Package Handler Requirements:
  • High school diploma.
  • Valid driver's license.
  • Excellent driving record.
  • Ability to lift items weighing as much as 75 lbs.
  • Willingness to perform repetitive tasks.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Knowledge of tools and equipment needed to perform duties.

Is material handler hard work? ›

Is Material Handling A Difficult Job? Material handling job is physically demanding, and if you are a fresher, you may find the tasks a bit difficult, but once you adjust and enjoy doing the chores, you won't feel the difficulty.


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