Lost Boys and Fairies: cast, plot and everything we know (2023)

Lost Boys and Fairies: cast, plot and everything we know (1)

stray boys and fairiesis a powerful new drama from BBC1 that champions the gay community's right to raise a child. It stars Sion Daniel Young as Gabriel, a singer and performer who works at the queer nightclub Neverland. She adopts a child with her partner Andy (Fra Fee), but to truly raise her son Jake, she must first overcome her own painful past and repair the broken relationship she has with her own father.

"I'm delighted to be working with this world-class team to bring my personally inspired queer Welsh adoption story to the screen in an authentic way," says author Daf James.

Here's everything we know about the series so far…

Lost Boys and Fairies Udgivelsesdato

Lost Boys and Fairies will be released on BBC1 and BBC iPlayer, but as this series is still being filmed in the Cardiff area, we are a long way from a release date at the moment. But as soon as we hear anything, we'll update this page.

Trama Lost Boys and Fairies

stray boys and fairiesfollows Gabriel (Sion Daniel Young), a singer and "artist extraordinaire" who performs at the queer club Neverland in Cardiff. He and his partner Andy (Fra Fee) adopt their seven-year-old son, Jake, but before he can plunge into fatherhood, Gabriel must come to terms with his own traumatic childhood. And part of the process is to heal the rift between him and his own father.

Stray Boys and Fairies - Sion Daniel Young som Gabriel

The singer Gabriel plays instray boys and fairiesIt's Zion Daniel Young. He has previously played Gareth in the hit series.keep the faith. He has also contributedWitness number 3,Life and death in the warehouse,Amount,Dr. MartinyPrivate Quiet.

Lost Boys and Fairies: cast, plot and everything we know (2)

From Fee as Andy

From Free plays Gabriel's partner, Andy. He previously played Courfeyrac in the 2012 film.The miserable, starring Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway. He has also been involvedDalgliesh, Cinderella, Hawkeyeyanimals.

Lost Boys and Fairies: cast, plot and everything we know (3)

Who else stars in Lost Boys and Fairies?

Elizabeth Berrington also stars in a currently untitled role. she has participatedThe Lakes, Waterloo Road, My Wonderful Life, The Nevers, The Pactyrespond. She played Mrs. Griffiths in Sanditon and has also appeared in Good Omens, Vanity Fair, Yesterday and Stella.

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Also starring is Sharon D Clarke, who has been involvedRocketman, Holby City, Showretssag, Doctor Whome tooannounces, Maria Doyle Kennedy (Los Tudors, Orphan Black and Outlander),Arwel Gruffydd (Noise, Tess de los D'Urberville), Shaheen Jafargholi (Offer, EastEnders), Mali Ann Rees (The Pact, Keeping Faith), William Thomas (Torchwood), Gwyneth Keyworth (Alex Rider, Fflam) and Gwawr Loader (Hidden) kompletterer alt.

We'll add their roles when we know more.

Lost Boys and Fairies: cast, plot and everything we know (4)

Er der en trailer for Lost Boys and Fairies?

No, not yet, but keep checking this page and we'll keep you updated.

Lost Boys and Fairies behind the scenes and more

film adaptation ofstray boys and fairiesis underway in Cardiff in 2023. The executive producers ofstray boys and fairiesThey are Rebekah Wray-Rogers, Libby Durdy, Jessica Brown Meek, Sophie Francis, Daf James and James Kent for Duck Soup Films and Jo McClellan for the BBC. It will be distributed by All3International. The series is Duck Soup Films' first commission for BBC One and BBC iPlayer and Daf's first original script for the BBC. Lost Boys and Fairies was developed as part of the BBC Writersroom's 2019 Television Drama Writers Programme.

The series was commissioned as part of the BBC's Small Indie Fund, which supports the growth of small independent production companies with a turnover of less than £10m. The initiative was designed to help increase the strength of British manufacturing in the context of global competition, with a strong focus on companies with diverse leadership and manufacturers based outside of London. Creative Wales, the Welsh Government agency that supports the growth of the creative sectors, has provided further financial support.

Writer and creator Daf James says: "I'm delighted to be working with this world-class team to bring my personally inspired, queer, Welsh adoption story to the screen in an authentic way."

Director James Kent says: "Lost Boys and Fairies is the most beautiful love story I have ever read. Daf's scripts are heartbreaking, funny and powerful advocates for the right of gay men and women to parent a child. I was left in tears and as a gay director, I am so excited and honored to bring this story to the general public."

Libby Durdy of Duck Soup Films says: "We are delighted that James and this wonderful cast are bringing the beautiful story of Daf Lost Boys & Fairies to life."

Lindsay Salt, Director of BBC Drama, said: "It's a real pleasure to see such a talented cast come together to bring the wonderful Lost Boys and Fairies to life. Daf's clever and funny scripts effortlessly mix the ordinary with the extraordinary and is packed with the brightest characters ready to take BBC viewers on this fascinating and heartfelt journey."

Nick Andrews, Head of Commissioning for BBC Cymru Wales says: "Daf James has written a beautiful story about a family. Born from the truth of his own experience, Lost Boys and Fairies possesses a unique and distinctive emotional power. Daf is fast becoming remain in one of Wales' most distinctive voices and BBC Cymru Wales is delighted to support this important and timely series."

Creative Wales director Gerwyn Evans says: "To see this contemporary and authentic Welsh story, with such a quality writer and production team behind it, filmed in Cardiff is exciting and moving. Creative Wales is delighted to support this production as part of our wider work to grow our creative industries and we can't wait to see it on our screens."

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Lost Boys and Fairies: cast, plot and everything we know (5)

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