MapleStory Dual Blade Skills and Skills Builds (2023)

~ Credits to Hanabira.Kage for skill feedback
~ Credits to poeinstinct for Dual Blade Training Ground

The previous Dark Lord had a student Jin and a daughter Sulhee. So basically what happened is that the previous Dark Lord's friend, Tristan, asked for help in killing the Balrog. Unfortunately, Dark Lord was turned into a monster by Balrog and his student Jin had to kill Dark Lord because he was attacking Kerning City. The previous Dark Lord's daughter, Sulhee, saw her father's corpse brought by Jin. She thought that Jin framed and killed him because of his position. So Jin became the next Dark Lord and Sulhee created a secret dark organization to go against Jin. (Although she loved Jin) Now bandits are disappearing from Kerning City under Sulhee's orders to transform them into Dual Blade to fight against Jin.

Q: What does work + mean?
A: All +SP work must be spent before the next real work.
So you can save SP for work at 20, 55 etc, but not 30/70. You can't save SP from, say, lv20 to lv55, because there's a regular advancement level between them that requires you to spend it all.

LV 10: 1 double stab (1/20) 1 free SP on first class advancement
LV 11: 3 Double Stab (4/20)
LV 12: 3 double stabs (7/20)
LV 13: 3 Double Stab (10/20)
LV 14: Salve 3 SP (3)
LV 15: Salve 3 SP (6)
LV 16: Salve 3 SP (9)
LV 17: Salve 3 SP (12)
LV 18: Salve 3 SP (15)
LV 19: Salve 3 SP (18)
Summary -Total 28 SP

LV 20: 10 Triple Stab (10/10), 5 Dominio de Katara (5/20), 6 Katara Booster (6/20)
LV 21: 3 Katara Reinforcements (9/20)
LV 22: 3 Katara Power-Ups (12/20)
LV 23: 3 Katara Power-ups (15/20)
LV 24: 3 Katara Power-ups (18/20)
LV 25: 2 Katara Booster (20/20), 1 Katara Mastery (6/20)
LV 26: 3 Dominio de Katara (9/20)
LV 27: 3 Dominio de Katara (20/12)
LV 28: 3 Dominio de Katara (15/20)
LV 29: 3 Dominio de Katara (18/20)
LV 30: 2 Katara's Mastery (20/20) 1 Mayhem (1/20)
Summary -Total 33 SP

LV 30: 1 Self Haste (1/20) 1 SP free on 2nd job advance
LV 31: 3 Auto Haste (4/20)
LV 32: 3 Auto Haste (7/20)
LV 33: 3 Autoceleridade (10/20)
LV 34: 3 Auto pressa (13/20)
LV 35: 3 Autoceleridade (16/20)
LV 36: 3 Autoceleridad (19/20)
LV 37: 1 Self Speed ​​(20/20), 2 Slashing Storm (2/20)
LV 38: 3 Slashing Storm (5/20)
LV 39: 3 Slashing Storm (8/20)
LV 40: 3 Slashing Storm (11/20)
LV 41: 3 Slashing Storm (14/20)
LV 42: 3 Slashing Storm (17/20)
LV 43: 3 Slashing Storm (20/20)
LV 44-50: 3 killing blows (18/20)
LV 51-51: 2 Fatal Strike (20/20), 1 Stamina
LV 52-52: 2 Disorder (3/20), 1 Darkvision
LV 53-55: 3 Dark Vision (10/20)
Summary -Total 76 SP

LV 56-61: 3 Lightning Leap (18/20)
LV 62-62: 2 Flash Jump (20/20), salve 1 SP (1)
LV 63-70: Salve 3 SP (25)
Summary -Total 76 SP

LV 70-70: 20 Flying Raider (20/20) 6 Blood Storm (6/10)
LV 71-71: 3 Bloodstorm (10/9)
LV 72-72: 1 Bloodstorm (10/10) 2 Mirror Image (2/30)
LV 73-81: 3 Mirror Image (29/30)
LV 82-82: 1 mirror image (30/30), 2 greater backstab (2/20)
LV 83-88: 3 Greater Strike (20/20)
LV 89-94: 3 owl spirits (18/20)
LV 95-95: 2 owl spirits (20/20), 1 blackvision (11/20)
LV 96-98: 3 Dark Vision (20/20)
LV 99-104: 3 Advanced Night Vision (18/20)
LV 105-105: 2 Advanced Night Vision (20/20)
LV 106-111: 3 Nimble Body (18/20)
LV 112-112: 2 Nimble Body (20/20) 1 Stamina (2/20)
LV 113-118: 3 Vigor (20/20)
LV 119-120: 3 Flash Bang (6/20)
Summary -Total 151 SP

LV 121-121: 2 final slash (2/30), 1 spikes (1/30)
LV 122-130: 3 final cut (29/30)
LV 131-131: 1 end cut (30/30) 2 spines (3/30)
LV 132-140: 3 Thorns (30/30)
LV 141-150: 3 sudden attacks (30/30)
LV 151-160: 3 Warrior Maple (30/30)
Summary -240 total SP

Nimble Body (Max Lv. 20) Passive
Increases accuracy and avoidability.
LV 01: Accuracy +1, avoidability +1
LV 10: Accuracy +10, avoidability +10
LV 20: Accuracy +20, avoidability +20
This skill is optional. Thief's primary stat is LUK (luck).
LUK provides accuracy, damage, and avoidability.
Skill Point (SP) is spent on this skill if no useful skill is available.

Sharp Eyes (Max Lv. 8) Passive
Increases attack range using thrown weapons such as stars and knives.
LV 01: Attack range for thrown weapon: +25
LV 04: Attack range for thrown weapon: +100
LV 08: Attack range for thrown weapon: +200
The official description is a bit misleading.
Like dual swords, you don't play katara (double-bladed weapon).
This skill is only useful for the thief who uses claw and throwing star.
Dual Blades does not require this skill! Don't add SP to it.

Mayhem (Max Lv. 20) Support
Temporarily reduces an opponent's morale.
Your weapon def. and the attack will suffer, and the
The attacking enemy will suddenly stop attacking.
You cannot do this on an enemy that is already in "Disorder".
VI 01 : PM -5; Enemy Weapon Attack -1, Weapon Defense. -1 for 7 seconds
MP 10: MP -7; Enemy weapon attack -10, weapon defense. -10 for 31 seconds
LV 20 : PM -10; Enemy weapon attack -20, weapon defense. -20 for 60 seconds
This is not a useful skill and does not work on boss monsters.
In practice, we beat monsters with 1-4 hits without leaving them
to counterattack. Spoiling one by one is a slow way to train.
However, 3 SP is required in Mayhem to unlock Dark Sight.

(Video) Remastered Duel Blader is AWESOME | MapleStory Revamp Skill Showcase | 2022

Dark Vision (Max Lv. 20) Apoyo
Use MP to hide behind shadows. While hidden, the enemy will not attack, but you cannot attack back either. All non-attack moves are available. It's temporary, so after a while, you'll be back to normal.
Prerequisite: Disorder Lv. 3
MF 01 : PM -24; Disappears for 10 seconds, speed -30
MP 10 : PM -15; Disappears for 100 seconds, Speed ​​-12
LV 20: PM -5; Disappears for 200 seconds, regular movement speed

Double Stab (Max Lv 20) Ativo
Use MP to quickly stab an enemy twice at once using a dagger.
Fri 01 : PM -6; Damage 65% x 2 Hits
MP 10: MP -9; Damage 95% x 2 Hits
LV 20 : PM -14; Damage 130% x 2 Hits

Lucky Seven (Max Lv. 20) Active
Use MP to throw 2 throwing stars and deal damage based on LUK, regardless of the dart's mastery rate.
Fri 01: PM -8; Damage 58% x 2 Hits
MP 10: MP -11; 100% Damage x 2 Hits
LV 20 : PM -16; 150% Damage x 2 Hits

Katara's Mastery (Max Lv. 20) Passive
Increase your Katara mastery and accuracy.
This skill only applies when your character is equipped with a Katara.
LV 01: 15% Mastery, +1 Accuracy
LV 10: 35% Mastery, +10 Accuracy
LV 20: 60% Mastery, +20 Accuracy

Triple Lunge (Max Lvl 10) Active
Use a Katara to attack multiple enemies three times.
Required Skill: Double Stab Lv. 10 or more.
LV 01: MP -16, 155% damage, attack 3 times, attack 2 enemies, 88% range
LV 05: MP -16, 175% damage, attack 3 times, attack 2 enemies, 88% range
LV 10: MP -18, 200% damage, attack 3 times, attack 3 enemies, 100% range

Katara Booster (Max Lv. 20) Support

Use HP and MP to improve the attack speed of Daggers and Kataras.
Can only be used when your character is equipped with a Dagger and a Katara.
Required Skill: Katara's Mastery Lv. 5 or higher.
LV 01: HP -29, MP -29, 10 seconds, +2 speed
LV 10: HP -20, MP -20, 100 seconds, +2 speed
LV 20: HP -10, MP -10, 200 seconds, +2 speed

Resist (Max Lv. 20) Passive
Allows you to recover additional HP and MP.
LV 01: Every 24 seconds, +24 HP, +2 MP
LV 10 : Every 15 seconds, +60 HP, +20 MP
LV 20 : Every 5 seconds, +100 HP, +40 MP

Own Rod (Max Lv. 20) support

Increase your speed and jump for a certain amount of time.
LV 01: MP -15, 10 seconds, +2 speed, +4 jump
LV 10: MP -15, 100 seconds, +20 speed, +13 jump
LV 20: MP -30, 200 seconds, +40 speed, +23 jump

Killing Blow (Max Lv. 20) Active
Allows you to perform up to 8 consecutive attacks on an enemy.
LV 01: MP -18, 100% damage, attack 5 times, attack 1 enemy, 142% range
LV 10: MP -22, 145% damage, attack 6 times, attack 1 enemy, 142% range
LV 20: MP -30, 180% damage, attack 8 times, attack 1 enemy, 142% range

Slash Storm (Max Lv. 20) Active
Attack multiple nearby enemies.
Attacks become more elaborate as the skill level increases.
LV 01: MP -12, 98% damage, attack 3 enemies, attack 2 times, 175% range
LV 10: MP -18, 135% damage, attack 4 enemies, attack 2 times, 175% range
LV 20: MP -24, 160% damage, attack 6 enemies, attack 2 times, 205% range

Tornado Whirl (Max Lv. 20) Active
Step forward to unleash a powerful spin attack on multiple nearby enemies.
Activate the dash: arrow key c→→ or c←←
Spin Attack: Pressure on the skin Attack as long as it runs.
LV 01: MP -18, 152% damage, attacks 3 enemies, 180% range
LV 10: MP -22, 200% damage, attacks 4 enemies, 240% range
LV 20: MP -30, 250% damage, attacks 8 enemies, 280% range

FlashBang (Max Lv. 20) Active
Fires a flashbang to blind several nearby enemies and
decrease your accuracy for a certain amount of time.
LV 01: MP -62, 50% damage, attacks 10 enemies, 51% chance,
Decrease accuracy by 80, 10 seconds, 80 second cooldown, 160% range
LV 10: MP -80, 50% damage, attacks 10 enemies, 60% chance,
Decrease accuracy by 80, 10 seconds, 80 second cooldown, 160% range
LV 20: MP -100, 50% damage, attacks 15 enemies, 70% chance,
Decrease accuracy by 85, 20 seconds, 60 second cooldown, 220% range

(Video) MapleStory - Complete Dual Blade Class Guide! (2018)

Lightning Leap (Max Lv. 20) Active
Once in the air, you can jump again in the same direction using this skill.
Jump distance increases as you advance in your skill level.
LV 01: PM -60
LV 10: PM -33
LV 20: PM -13

Advanced Dark Vision (Max Lv. 20) Passive
Upgrade Dark Sight to allow you to sometimes successfully attack
while using Dark Sight, without canceling this ability.
Required Skill: Lv. 20 Night Vision
LV 01: 11% chance
LV 10: 29% chance
LV 20: 49% chance

Blood Storm (Max Lv. 10) Active
An advanced version of Slash Storm.
Attack multiple enemies at high speed with elaborate moves. Required Skill: Lv. 20 Storm Slash. Lv. 10 effect: Can be used with Lv. 10 flying raider
LV 01: MP -35, 190% damage, attack 6 enemies, attack 2 times, 250% range
LV 05: MP -35, 230% damage, attack 6 enemies, attack 2 times, 250% range
LV 10: MP -40, 280% damage, attack 8 enemies, attack 2 times, 300% range
It's raining blood! The only bad thing about this skill is that it requires at most Slash Storm, which requires a skill book. Bloody Storm hits hard, is flashy, and runs from Flying Assaulter to boot. Only Bloody Storm at max can be chained from Flying Assaulter.

Mirror Image (Max Lvl 30)

Summons a doppelganger that looks like you to help with attacks for a set amount of time. Your doppelganger cannot use certain abilities
LV 01: MP -250, 60 seconds, mirrors 22% damage
LV 15: MP -230, 120 seconds, mirrors 45% damage
LV 30: MP -200, 180 seconds, mirrors 60% damage
Don't worry, this doppelganger is tame. A Shadow Partner that costs no more to summon stones and has an even higher damage multiplier. So why didn't I max this out at the start of my build? Because mirror image does NOT take skill damage multipliers into account. In other words, your damage is calculated from your normal attacks, even when you're using skills. Also, the maximum number of hits is only 15, including normal and reflected attacks. Still, it's pretty useful, so I'd max it out after you're done with the other useful skills.

Owl Spirit (Max Lv. 20) Active
Summons an owl spirit that tries to instantly kill 1 enemy. If successful, your attack rate for a given number of attacks will increase by 1.5x. However, the effect will be restricted on some skills.
LV 01: MP -50, 200% damage, 21% chance, 3 attacks, 130 sec cooldown, 300% range
LV 10: MP -60, 290% damage, 30% chance, 6 attacks, 85s recharge, 300% range
LV 20: MP -80, 390% damage, 40% chance, 9 attacks, 60s recharge, 300% range
Quite useful, but the cooldown is a total delay. Also, what regular enemy can you find that you would have a hard time killing with a few hits?

Upper Stab (Max Lv. 20) Active

Throw multiple enemies into the air. You can deal additional damage by attacking airborne enemies.
LV 01: MP -25, 150% cast damage, +32% damage while airborne, attacks 3 enemies, 176% range
LV 10: MP -30, 195% cast damage, +50% damage while airborne, attacks 4 enemies, 176% range
LV 20: MP -40, 245% cast damage, +70% damage while airborne, attacks 6 enemies, 176% range
Surprisingly, this skill actually offers one of the highest DPS for a dual blade due to its ridiculously high Speed. Its delay is so short that you can launch enemies and then jump and Upper Stab it back in the air!

Flying Assailant (Max Lv. 20) Active
You descend diagonally from the air, slashing enemies within a certain range, with a chance to stun them. To use the skill, you must have at least 120% jump. Required Skill: Lv. 20 Own haste. Lv. 10 effect: Lv. 20 Tornado Spin can be used with Lv. 10 Bloodstorm
LV 01: MP -24, 160% damage, attacks 4 enemies, X Var = 27, attacks 2 times, 3% chance to stun, 4 seconds, 250% range
LV10: MP -28, 250% damage, attack 5 enemies, X Var = 35, attack 2 times, 5% chance to stun, 5 seconds, 270% range
LV 20: MP -36, 400% damage, attack 8 enemies, X Var = 55, attack 2 times, 7% chance to stun, 6 seconds, 320% range
"You're not tall enough to use that skill." Get ready for this phrase to flood your chatbox. The reason is that you have to jump before you can use the Flying Assaulter AND you have to use it at the top of your jump. Still, this is the best mobbing skill you'll ever have in terms of DPS, and pairs with Bloody Storm or Tornado Spin for a super flashy attack. You need a Lv10 Flying Assaulter before you can chain him in Tornado Spin or Bloody Storm.

Poison (Max Lv. 30) Passive
You attack after coating your dagger with poison. Enemies have a chance to be poisoned by the poison and continuously take damage. Can be stacked up to 3 times. Enemy's HP will not drop below 1 through Venom.
LV 10: 4 seconds, 31 basic attacks, 32% chance
LV 15: 6 seconds, 45 basic attacks, 40% chance
LV 30: 8 seconds, 60 basic attacks, 50% chance

Maple Warrior (Max Lv. 30) Support
Increases the stats of all players within a group by a certain percentage.
LV 01: MP -10, for 30 seconds, all stats +1%
LV 15: MP -30, for 450 seconds, all stats +8%
LV 30: PM -60; for 900s, all stats +15%

Final Cut (Max Lv. 30) Active + Support
Sacrifice a significant amount of HP to deal powerful damage to multiple enemies. After activating this skill, your attack rate increases for a certain amount of time. The amount of HP consumed, the damage and the buff effect of the attack vary by meter. However, the attack rate enhancement effect is restricted on some skills.
LV 01: MP -150, 920% damage, attacks 8 enemies, 40% max power, Y Var = 200, 30 seconds, 100 seconds cooldown, 250% range
LV 15: MP -250, 1200% damage, attacks 8 enemies, 50% max power, Y Var = 200, 40 seconds, 105 seconds cooldown, 300% range
LV 30: MP -300, 1500% damage, attacks 8 enemies, 65% max power, Y Var = 200, 60 seconds, 100 seconds cooldown, 350% range

Monster Bomb (Max Lv. 20) Active
Place an Explosive Spell on 1 monster to create a powerful explosion. The explosion occurs 3 seconds after the amulet activates, dealing damage to anyone within range, both enemies and allies.
LV 01: MP -130, 820% damage, attacks 15 enemies, 3 seconds, 60 seconds cooldown, 220% range
LV 15: MP -180, 1050% damage, attack 15 enemies, 3sec, 50sec cooldown, 220% range
LV 30: MP -230, 1200% damage, attacks 15 enemies, 3 seconds, 30 seconds cooldown, 220% range

Sudden Attack (Max Lv. 30) Active

Summon the power of the ancient Blade Master and deal massive damage to groups of up to 15 enemies.
LV 01: MP -400, attack 15 enemies, 305% damage, 400% range
LV 15: MP -680, attack 15 enemies, 490% damage, 400% range
LV 30: MP -980, attack 15 enemies, 600% damage, 400% range

(Video) MapleStory Explorer Remaster - Dual Blade 1st~5th Job Skills Showcase

Chains of Hell (Max Lv. 30) Active

When you have Dark Sight active, Chains of Hell closes in on an enemy to deal damage by attacking up to 12 times. However, stationary monsters must be within range.
LV 01: MP -55, 100% damage, 350 range, attack 12 times, 140% range
LV 15: MP -65, 170% damage, 400 range, attacks 12 times, 140% range
LV 30: MP -75, 250% damage, 450 range, attacks 12 times, 140% range

Reflected Target (Max Lv 30) Support
Disassembles the summoned doppelganger through mirror image and transforms it into a doll. The doll attracts enemy attacks, protecting you from them. This ability can only be used when Mirror Image is active. Required Skill: Lv. 30 Mirror Image
LV 01: MP -150, 15 seconds, X Var = 1000
LV 15: MP -200, 45 seconds, X Var = 8000
LV 30: MP -250, 90 seconds, X Var = 15500

Thorns (Max Lv. 30) Support
Grants an increased chance to receive critical hits. Party members only get half the effect and the skill is restricted when you use high critical chance skills.
LV 01: MP -300, Crit Rate 5%, 60 segundos, Crit Damage 103%
LV 15: MP -330, Crit Rate 20%, 80 segundos, Crit Damage 175%
LV 30: MP -360, Crit Rate 35%, 120 segundos, Crit Damage 250%

The list does not include bosses, as they are completely up to you.
[Note] *words* are the ones I personally recommend

Level 1-10
Maple Island Quests

Level 11-20
dual sword story quests
Power B. Fore Training Center (Victoria Road: Kerning City Construction Site)

Level 21-30
Episode 1 Missions
Sandmole (Ariant: Sahel 1/2)
Octopus and Bubbles (Hidden Street: Upper North Construction Site)
* Kerning Monster Cleanup PQ (Victoria Road: construction site north of Kerning City) - Incredibly fast. 16,000 ~ 17,000 EXP in 6 minutes.

level 30-40
* Mushroom Kingdom quests
Kerning Square Quests
Monster Carnival PQ 1

Level 40-50
*Roid (Alkadno Research Institute: Laboratory - Area C-1)
*Roid/Neo-Huroid (Alkadno Research Institute: Laboratory – Area C-2)
* Nett's Pyramid (Dimensional Mirror)
Python (Thailand: Deep Jungle)
Truckers (Singapore: Suburban Area 2)
Monster Carnival PQ 1

Level 50-60
*Roid/Neo-Huroid (Alkadno Research Institute: Laboratory – Area C-2)
* Windraiders (Crimsonwood Mountain: Lower Ascent)
Alternative: Crimsonwood Keep: Tornado Corridor
*Selkie Jr./Slimy (Singapur: Mysterious Path 3)
Black Stone Golem/Mixed Golem (Hidden Clue: Golem Forest)
Monster Carnival PQ 2
balrog pq

Poeinstinct personally suggests that you try to train level 50+~70 Windraiders. The EXP:HP ratio is incredibly high and you can level up faster than the MP3. It's a challenge to get to Lower Ascent, but the rewards are great. It's easy to outrun monsters on the way to the Jump Quest map. Just activate your darkvision. The JQ is the trickiest part. A video of how to get to Lower Ascent can be found HERE. If you need to transplant, the easiest way is to have one of your other characters sit down in Singapore and buy "food" from the NPC, such as "Crab Cakes" or "Rambutans", and place them in the MTS. Please note that there is a fee of 5,000 meso when you place an item on MTS. That way, you won't have to go back and forth across town to get the transplant done. Here is a better understanding of the method. (thanks to crosis)

Level 60-70
*Windraiders (Crimsonwood Mountain: Lower Ascent) Alternativa: Crimsonwood Keep: Tornado Corridor
*Selkie Jr./Slimy (Singapur: Mysterious Path 3)
*Capitán/Kru (Herb Town: Red-Nose Pirate Den II)
Sites/Homunculus (Zenema Research Institute: Laboratory - Unit 203)
Black Stone Golem/Mixed Golem (Hidden Clue: Golem Forest)
Monster Carnival PQ 2
balrog pq

(Video) MapleStory: Complete Fifth Job V Matrix Guide (2019)

Level 70-80
*Galloperas (Malaysia: Entrance to the Phantom World)
*Red/Blue/Black Kentaurus (leaf)
*Dual Ghost Pirates (Hidden Lane: Unbalanced Time)
Typhons (Crimsonwood Mountain: The Path of Peril) - Better experience than Kent, but you'll drop a lot. Very frustrating. Use the upper stab.
Vikerolas (Malaysia: Fantasy Theme Park 3) – when Spooky is full

Level 80-90
*Galloperas (Malaysia: Entrance to the Phantom World)
*Red/Blue/Black Kentaurus (leaf)
*Dreaming Ghosts (Zipangu: Meeting the Buddha)
Typhoons (Crimsonwood Mountain: The Path of Peril) – You will fall a lot if you are not used to the map. Use the upper stab.
Elderwraith (Bosque Fantasma: The Evil Dead)
Dual Ghost Pirates (Hidden Street: Unbalanced Time)
Viking Spirit (Ludibrium: Crooked Path of Time)

Level 90-100
*Galloperas (Malaysia: Entrance to the Phantom World)
*Slygie & Veetron (Singapore: Ulu Estate II)
*Dreaming Ghosts (Zipangu: Meeting the Buddha)
Red/Blue/Black Kentaurus (Fresh Blade)
Tifones (Crimsonwood Mountain: The Path of Peril)
The Student of Memory / The Priest of Memory / The Keeper of Memory (Path of Time: Path of Memory I/II/III)

After this point, training locations are basically based on preference.

Level 100-110
Galloperas (Malaysia: Entrance to Spooky World)
*Dreamy Ghosts (Zipangu: Encounter with the Buddha) (Mais rápido que Spooky se solo)
*Slygie & Veetron (Singapore: Ulu Estate II) – up to 10X
Skelesaurus/Skelegons (Mini Dungeon: Memory Relived)
Red/Blue/Black Kentaurus (Fresh Blade)
Temple of Time: Path to Memory II/III/IV
Temple of Time: Path to Repentance I/II

Level 110-120
Galloperas (Malaysia: Entrance to Spooky World)
Dreaming Ghosts (Zipangu: Knowing the Buddha)
*Skelesaurus/Skelegons (Mini Dungeon: Revived Memory) (if you have enough HP)
Temple of Time: Path to Repentance III/IV

Level 120-130
Skelesaurus/Skelegons (Mini Dungeon: Memory Relived)
Galloperas (Malaysia: Entrance to Spooky World)
Temple of Time: Path to Oblivion I/II/III
Bigfoot (ghost forest)
Anego/Ahma/Boss (Apartment: Living Room)

Level 130-150
Skelesaurus/Skelegons (Mini Dungeon: Memory Relived)
Galloperas (Malaysia: Entrance to Spooky World)
Temple of Time: Path to Oblivion III/IV
Bigfoot (ghost forest)
Anego/Ahma/Boss (Apartment: Living Room)

level 150+
Skelesaurus/Skelegons (Mini Dungeon: Memory Relived)
Galloperas (Malaysia: Entrance to Spooky World)
Temple of Time: Path to Oblivion IV/V
Bigfoot (ghost forest)
Anego/Ahma/Boss (Apartment: Living Room)



(Video) Maplestory Dual Blade Skill and Equipment Guide


What weapon does dual blade use? ›


Nimble and acrobatic, Dual Blades are rogue thieves that have forsaken the Dark Lord that rules their guild. Armed with a dagger in one hand and a katara in the other, Dual Blades receive numerous attack bonuses and can obtain an extremely high critical hit rate.

Is dual blade Explorer? ›

Dual Blades, Jett, and Cannoneers are considered part of the Explorer class, but you can't become a Dual Blade, Jett, or Cannoneer by going down the normal Explorer path.

Can Dual Blade job change? ›

The Open Advancement system allows Explorers, including Dual Blades and Cannoneers, to switch jobs in their class when reaching advancing to 4th job (level 100). Players can change jobs by either using one or more Job Advancement Coins, or paying a certain amount of mesos.

How do you play dual blade MHW? ›

Dual Blades - Gameplay Tips & Tricks

It's important to always be in Demon or Archdemon mode to deal the most damage with the Dual Blades. The best way to do this is activate Demon Mode until you fill up your Demon Gauge. Then turn off the Demon Mode and attack until the gauge runs low, then repeat.

What skills do you want for dual blades? ›

Since the Dual Blades can only dodge attacks, Evade Window is a good skill to have. With this skill, you can dodge right through perilous monster attacks due to the enlarged invincibility window.

What armor is good for dual blades? ›

Best Armor Set for Dual Blades in MHW

The Nergigante armor set also works well in conjunction with the Dual Blades, given that it can increase attack power, Affinity, and stamina recovery, and lets you heal with every hit.

Are dual blades worth it? ›

Dual blades work pretty well with standard attack based skills like attack boost, critical eye, and critical boost. They also gain a lot from weakness exploit and elemental skills that take advantage of a monster's weakness.

Is longsword better than dual blades? ›

The Longsword is easy to use, flashy, has a long reach, and has a defensive move with its counter. On the other hand, Dual Blades is also easy to use, but requires you to be dangerously close to the monster to deal damage.

Is dual blade good for bossing? ›

Dual Blades are a very popular class in end-game bossing due to the amount of damage they are able to inflict on single-target enemies. Their mobbing isn't as strong as Night Lord, but players who have a Job Advancement coin can jump jobs between the three thief classes.

Can you mount with dual blades? ›

If you're playing solo, if you attack while sliding or mid-air, you will deal mount damage. That being said, Dual Blades is probably the worst weapon for mounting due to it having an incredibly low range.

Is dual blade weak? ›

Why Dual Blades is so relatively weak and why Piercing Bind sucks compared to other silkbind attacks. Currently Dual Blades are one of the weaker weapons for solo speedruns. Even being slower than HH, a weapon that can also buff other allies.

Are dual blades strong? ›

They Do Too Much Damage

The Dual Blades can deal more damage than perfectly charged Great Sword attacks if the damage against the monster is optimized. The reason this is seen as an issue is that it makes it less desirable to play heavier weapon classes.

Is dual wielding useful? ›

In terms of firearms, especially handguns, dual wielding is generally denounced by firearm enthusiasts due to its impracticality. Though using two handguns at the same time confers an advantage by allowing more ready ammunition, it is rarely done due to other aspects of weapons handling.

What are the best skills for charge blade? ›

Recommended Skill List For Charge Blade
SkillRecommendation Criteria
Attack BoostIncreases damage for all attacks of any weapon
Maximum MightIncreases your affinity when stamina is full
Weakness ExploitAttacking a monster's weak spot will increase your affinity
Critical BoostIncreases damage dealt by critical attacks
7 more rows
21 Aug 2022

Are dual blades practical? ›

Dual wielding weapons(particularly rapier and dagger, as it was so popular) is perfectly common for an average Renaissance man to carry about his daily life; a huge factor in the importance of swords is that they are easy to carry around - and 99% of the time, you're doing just that, carrying it around.

Is it better to dual wield or use a shield? ›

Sword and shield is vastly superior to dual wielding due to the block perks. Being able to bash you opponent and interrupt their swing is the best way to survive against enemies with big two handed weapons that will kill you if they land a power attack. this. If your looking fro an in-between, just go with two-handed.

Is twinned armor the best? ›

The Twinned Armor set is the one worn by D, who players first encounter in Limgrave or at the Roundtable Hold. If players loot this set in the early game of Elden Ring, it will all but certainly be the best overall armor set that players have come across.

What is archdemon mode? ›

While in Archdemon Mode, your attack speed increases and you can perform special attacks such as Demon Flurry. The Demon Gauge decreases as you perform Demon Dodges or Demon Flurries, and once the gauge is empty Archdemon Mode will end.

Is dual wielding better than two handed? ›

The main thing that dual wield Melee specializes in is single-target, high-dealing DPS, and 2h Melee is more AoE damage with good single-target DPS.

Does Airborne affect dual blades? ›

Airborne only affects the attacks that deal mounting damage, meaning it doesn't affect the long sword anime jump, it doesn't affect the dual blades spin attack across the entire length of the monster, etc.

Is Nergigante dual blades good? ›

Arguably speaking, these are the best dual blades in Monster Hunter: World. Derived from the Nergigante Tree, it has a 294 Attack Power, 120 Dragon Elemental Damage, 0% Affinity, a high Elderseal and Blue Sharpness.

Are fatalis dual blades good? ›

fatalis bow and dualblades are the best raw option, thus best for monsters with bad elemental hitzones, however elemental dual blades or bows will outperform fatalis weapons, if monster has good elemental hitzones. with gunlance, chargeblade and hunting horn, it depends on what you want.

Is curved or straight sword better? ›

Nomadic horsemen learned from experience that a curved edge is better for cutting strikes because the arc of the blade matches that of the sweep of the rider's arm as they slash the target while galloping. Mongols, Rajputs and Sikhs used scimitars in warfare, among many other peoples.

What is the strongest longsword? ›

While there may be no exact "best" longsword in the game, the Phantom Mirage is currently dominating the high-rank scene for its great versatility. It already has high blue sharpness and strong affinity, but incredibly high raw damage as well.

What is a dual wield sword called? ›

Traditional schools of Japanese martial arts include dual wield techniques, particularly a style conceived by Miyamoto Musashi involving the katana and wakizashi, two-sword kenjutsu techniques he called Niten Ichi-ryū.

What is a dual wield gun called? ›

Any fighting style with multiple weapons may be a manifestation of Heroic Ambidexterity. Subtropes include: Guns Akimbo, for dual-wielding firearms. Sword and Gun, for wielding a bladed weapon in one hand and a firearm in the other, rather than two bladed weapons or two firearms.

What are dual swords called? ›

Daishō eventually came to mean two swords having a matched set of fittings. A daishō could also have matching blades made by the same swordsmith, but this was in fact uncommon and not necessary for two swords to be considered to be a daishō, as it would have been more expensive for a samurai.

What do you call a woman who uses a sword? ›

noun, plural swords·wom·en. a female who uses or is skilled in the use of a sword. a female fencer.

What is a wiggly sword called? ›

A flame-bladed sword or wave-bladed sword has a characteristically undulating style of blade. The wave in the blade is often considered to contribute a flame-like quality to the appearance of a sword. The dents on the blade can appear parallel or in a zig-zag manner.

What is fighting with a katana called? ›

Kenjutsu, which originated with the samurai class of feudal Japan, means "methods, techniques, and the art of the Japanese sword".

What is the best class for dual wielding? ›

The Barbarian is an obvious choice for dual-wielding. As a Barbarian, you can add Rage damage to all of your attacks, making that extra slice worth it. However, Extra Attack is a bonus action, so you can't use it and your secondary weapon the same turn.

Why is dual wielding hard? ›

The problem with dual wielding is that it limits blocking capabilities. While you might be able to turn a sword cut without worry, blocking something like a spear thrust is very hard with only a sword, but a shield is great at that.

What is Joker's gun called? ›

Glock 17 (Two-tone Converted to full-auto) The Joker (Heath Ledger) uses a Glock 17 that has been converted to full-auto, as the gun lacks the Glock 18's firing selector switch on the side of the slide. His Glock is fitted with a stainless slide and a G18's standard 33 round magazine.

How effective is akimbo? ›

As mentioned before, Akimbo weapons double your firepower at the cost of accuracy, as you will be hip-firing these weapons in almost all cases. In most cases, this makes a handgun more effective at closer-ranges where accuracy isn't as important.

Can you dual-wield rapiers? ›

Rapiers are finesse weapons, but unlike all other finesse weapons they are not light weapons, so you need the Dual-wielded feat, but once you have it, yes you can dual-wield rapiers.

What are the 3 types of swords? ›

Classification by blade type
  • Double-edge and straight swords.
  • Edgeless and thrusting swords.
  • Single-edge and curved swords.

Are dual swords good? ›

Admittedly, the Dual Swords do shine most when you unlock one or both of its Mystic Arts. The Dual Swords also have a plethora of other features that make it the best tanking weapon in the game, and one of the most ki-efficient weapons in the game.

Did samurai use guns? ›

In fact, they themselves employed a limited number of muskets and artillery. The point is that, from the advent of the warrior class to the time of its demise, Japanese samurai embraced the gun. It's not what we today associate with them, but it's very much a part of their history and identity.


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