Michael's Corporate Headquarters and Headquarters (2023)

8000 Folded Extension Irving Texas 75063

Michaels corporate phone number:

(972) 409-1300

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They were very helpful with what I needed.

-by michael s ferrell

Head pins!!

I'm fed up with their supplier, Bead Landing, for sucking up too much head pin components. I can't find any heads wide enough to hold half of my bills. Tell them to increase the head pins or find a new supplier. Crazy as hell now! Other than that, I have no problem with Michael as a retailer. I don't know where else to complain!

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-by cindy

former employee

Michaels is a terrible place to work. They treat their employees terribly, cut hours and expect employees to be able to do everything without help. Go to complaints.com to see more employee complaints. There are many. Michaels has been sued numerous times for being horrible, dishonest, spendthrift and harassing. DO NOT BUY AT MICHAELS!

-by jamie

amazing service

My grandson (6) had been talking for weeks about making his father a "company maintainer". Something to keep her dad company that would remind him how much she loves him... I went to so many stores looking for just the right thing. We went to Michael's house and very frustrated I asked the lady who was there for help. He went down to the little ones level and asked how he wanted it to be her special object. With her input she was able to direct us to exactly the right place and he was delighted with the special gift she was able to give his dad... thank you

-por Marilyn Policoff

shit managers

I work for Michaels. Management sucks. They yell at you in front of everyone, the store manager treats you like you're an idiot or you don't know something. They constantly talk about partners among themselves. It's ridiculous.

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-per worker

always out of supplies

I went to Michaels in January 2014 to buy art brushes. When I arrived almost everyone had already left and I bought some brushes. I went back to the shop in May and guess what, NO BRUSHES and about two weeks later I came back and still NO BRUSHES. What are these people? Are they eneptid that they really can't refill their brushes? Guess I'll just have to find a different Michaels alternative.

-for rum

new store

I would like to see A Michaels store in Bremerton, WA on the east side next to Arby's restaurant there is land for sale. Many people would like to have their shop in this area. There is one in Silverdale, WA, but people who live in Bremerton and Port Orchard, WA are too far away to go. There is also a building for rent and rent at Wheaton Mall By Kitsap Bank. Hope to see one in 2014/

- for daddy


I would like Michaels on the east side of Bremerton, WA. We don't have a craft shop in this town.

-by denis


The store in my region is not very good, it seems that they don't know or don't want to serve me. I have been shopping at Hobby Ho because they have a better range of stamps, papers and are friendlier and more helpful.

-por Mary Jo Pratt

I have a daughter who works at the Michaels Mall in Richmond Virginia White Oak and the managers do nothing but walk around and are disorganized and unprofessional.

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-by the worried father

Who is programming for the 9805 Portland store?

I like working for 9805 but they only give me 1 day a week. I don't understand. Am I being punished for being a good co-worker?

-por Janet M.

I've been with Michaels for just over 14 years. I've worked full time 3 times now and two of those positions have disappeared because the company is cheap and didn't want to pay full time employees. In the process, I also received 2 pay cuts. Now, I work in inventory replenishment, and I usually work between 15 and 22 hours a week. At this time of year, we should all have 25-28 hours a week, but god forbid. So management gets mad when things don't get done. We also have to finish our truck in 5 and a half hours. Totally impossible at this time of year. Michaels is a joke...was a much better company 12 years ago...much nicer to employees.

-per employee

I loved working there when I started. I worked 10 years. BUT nobody in the company wanted to know the truth about what was going on in the stores JUST what they wanted to hear. Being told not to tell the truth and then getting in trouble for doing so was the reason I had enough. While I wish them the best, I am sad.

-by prayer

Antioch, CA Tienda

Every time I go into this store, there's always a queue. Today 2 cash registers were open and there were at least 4 people wandering around the cash register area. The queue had about 20 people. Everyone really pissed off about this customer service. This is very bad management. The tills that were open were fine, but I'm sure they were tired of getting complaints. If there was another store close by I would never go to Michaels.

-by Alice

a clean store

Dogs and cats are allowed in the store and in carts. This is not hygienic unless they are sterilized. Babies travel in these strollers. This is not good for people with allergies and asthma. Also, scented pine cones that come at Christmas. They must be bagged. My grandson is 9 and is very allergic to dogs. Not allowed in the store. A sign saying no cats or dogs. That simple. There is no reason for people to get sick. The company wants to keep its employees well. Strong odors can cause bronchitis.

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-by irene


What's happening? Associates who have been loyal to the company for years are now relegated to one shift a week...no one can make ends meet, let alone pay gas to show up for a three hour shift...whereas new hires have multiple shifts. .The new management is also very disrespectful to us... it used to be nice, not so much now... talks to us as if we didn't know anything... Sadness... because we really liked our work. Do you suggest?

-por Jewell

summer air conditioning

We went this morning to buy. There was absolutely no difference between the humidity outside and the heat in Michael's tent. It was horrible. My husband and I had to stop shopping and go shopping elsewhere. So I guess if you like to sweat, get queasy, get a headache from the heat, then Michaels would be your shop.

-by Mary Ellem Curtis

poor service

I made Michaels angry yet again. Long queues, nasty attitude from vendors, no management in sight. I think I will shop at other craft stores where I have more positive experiences.

-by Juana

fundraising donation

I am a preschool teacher in Boca Raton, Florida at a non-profit Christian school. I, as well as probably every teacher in town, have been buying craft supplies from Michaels since they opened here about 15 years ago. Our school is hosting our annual fundraiser, with each class preparing a gift basket for auction. Our basket will be a children's easel with all kinds of artistic accessories. When I contacted the assistant manager, they told me I needed to contact Michaels headquarters to request a donation. All I asked for was a small donation of crayons or markers, paper, etc. I find it hard to believe that the store manager doesn't have the authority to make a small donation to help the very people/organizations that keep him in business. 🇧🇷 I like to support local businesses, but I think it's only fair that they also give back to the community. I'm very disappointed in Michaels.

-by Linda Warzoha

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