The 10 Best Italian Movies on Netflix (January 2023) – Busuu (2023)

The 10 Best Italian Movies on Netflix (January 2023) – Busuu (1)

Looking to improve your Italian with a bit of pop culture? Want to bring a bit of Italy to your next movie night? Either way, you're in luck, because Netflix's international offices have been hard at work. There are several Italian movies on Netflix worth watching, many of them Netflix Originals.

Whether you're looking for romance, comedy, or teen drama, there are Italian-language movies on Netflix to suit your mood. And we've taken the time to sort them all out to help you find the movie that's right for you.

So turn on the subtitles and get ready to brush up on your Italian listening skills, or just watch a new Italian movie on Netflix.

Most of the articles below are available on Netflix US and Netflix UK.

From horror to romance, here are the 10 best Italian movies on Netflix 2023

1.happy lazarus(Happy as Lazarus) – 2018

tomato meter:91%

Gender:Science Fiction, Drama, Fantasy

While critics struggled to agree on whetherHappy as Lazarusbest described as scathing social commentary, a poignant reflection on innocence and friendship or supernatural fantasy, they certainly agreed they enjoyed it. And that's not all: it won the Best Screenplay award at the Cannes Film Festival.

Smart, whimsical and funny, this unusual film about a modern nobleman who recruits an innocent teenager in rural Italy to help him fake his own kidnapping is a must-watch for anyone looking for an arty Italian-language film on Netflix.

Pro tip:Learn Italian?Get extra practice by rewatching your favorite scenes or movies with English and Italian subtitles on and off. It's a quick and easy way to help you build your vocabulary and listening skills!

(Video) 12 useful apps for Italian language students (subtitles)

2.The incredible history of Isola Delle Rose(Pink Island) – 2020

tomato meter:78%

Gender:Dramatic comedy

Based on a true story, this whimsical film follows an engineer who seems disconnected from the world around him. This man is Giorgio Rosa, who in 1968 built his own island off the coast of Rimini and declared independence from it. The film is fun and upbeat, creating an easy-to-watch underdog story perfect for a light evening of entertainment.

Only available on Netflix US.

3.Children– 2021

tomato meter:N/A (89% in Google reviews)

Gender:drama makes crime

Based on the true story of the murder of a 13-year-old girl named Yara and the prosecutor tasked with bringing the murderer to justice. While not universally loved, some critics found it too dry, true crime fans andLaw and orderYou'll enjoy this fast-paced police thriller about a woman who does everything she can to find a murderer and present a case based on limited evidence. Dream(Azzurri: Camino at Wembley) – 2021

tomato meter:60%

Gender:sports documentary

While this may still be very painful for English football fans, less attached sports fans will enjoy this short feel-good DreamFollow the path of the Italian soccer team to victory in the 2020 European Championship.

(Video) Language Learning Progress of 2022 Plus New Goals for 2023

For students, documentaries like this are a great way to practice listening to native speakers of modern Italian converse naturally, while brushing up on their sports terminology.

5.A classic horror story.– 2021

tomato meter:50%


While there aren't many Italian horror movies on Netflix,A classic horror the best choice. As the name suggests, this is a perfectly serviceable horror movie if you're looking for one to watch in Italian. It follows five people traveling together in a pickup truck that crash into a tree and wake up to find the road gone, replaced by a log cabin and seemingly impenetrable forest. Don't expect anything innovative and you will love it.

6. In my skin – 2018

tomato meter:67% (84% audience score)

Gender:Drama, Biography

More well-liked than the reviews suggest, this Netflix Original drama follows the true story of a man named Stefano Cucchi. It all starts when he is arrested for a minor crime. A week later, he is found dead in his cell. The film follows the seven days in between and how his family is forever changed in his last week. suspense(Coffee For All) – 2017

tomato meter:N / D

Gender:Documentary film

Another short documentary for those working on their listening skills and vocabulary,suspense coffee,meaning 'suspended coffee', is a somewhat meandering piece of research. The film takes a closer look at the practice of buying a coffee for a future coffee customer in need (often the homeless), with a focus on the cities of Naples, Buenos Aires and New York, but largely follows three people with a relationship with the practice.

(Video) Top 5 Best FREE LANGUAGE LEARNING Apps & Websites

While the film is not entirely in Italian, it is an interesting study of one aspect of Neapolitan culture and will pique the interest of those looking for a low-impact, food-focused documentary. That being said, you can earn more money by watching episodes of Massimo Bottura, Dario Cecchini or Corrado Assenza fromChef's Table.

8.on the same wave(Caught by a wave) – 2021

tomato meter:N/A (78% audience score)

Gender:Romance adolescente, Drama

Hobbyists or whining idiotsA walk to RememberYou'll enjoy this romantic film about a summer fling under the Sicilian sun that takes a serious turn.

Timeon the same waveis probably one of the best Italian romantic movies on Netflix, certainly not the only one. Looking for a lighter version of this kind of story? from netflixout of my reachis a quirky Italian romantic comedy about a teenager who falls in love that spawned two Netflix Original sequels, also available on the platform. was the hand of god(The Hand of God) – 2021

tomato meter:83%


Written and directed by Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino,it was the hand of godis a semi-autobiographical coming-of-age drama about an awkward teenager living with his parents in Naples and the aftermath after tragedy strikes his family. A sensitive and lovingly told memoir, it won the Grand Jury Prize at the Venice International Film Festival and was nominated for Best International Film at the Academy Awards.

10life in front of you(Life Ahead) – 2020

tomato meter:92%


(Video) How to make a language learning study plan that works | Language Self-study 101

Last but certainly not least,life in front of youit's a great movie and an even better vehicle for Sophia Loren's undeniable star power. A film adaptation of the 1975 novel "Life Before Us" by Romain Gary, the film follows a Holocaust survivor (Loren) who befriends a Senegalese refugee (played by Senegalese-Italian teen actor Ibrahima Gueye). after he steals it.

Special mention:The lying life of adults.(The lying life of adults)

While not a movie, it's worth mentioning Netflix's new original Italian TV show La vita bugiarda degli adulti, set for a January 4, 2023 release date. The series has been highly anticipated since it was first announced. in 2020. It is based on a 2019 book by the world famous and incredibly popular Italian writer known as Elena Ferrante (a pen name).

The story follows a teenager named Giovanna who comes of age in Naples. After searching for a distant aunt, Giovanna begins to unravel the lies her family has told her and learns to twist the truth on her own.

And these are the best Italian movies on Netflix right now.

Settle in with a cappuccino and cannoli (or maybe a big plate of pasta) and enjoy!

What do you think? What movie will you choose? Did we miss a favorite Italian movie on Netflix? You can't go wrong with any of these movies, but don't forget the subtitles, capiche? Capiche.

Do you like Italian movies?

Learn the language of Italy with Busuu and you will have an even better visual experience!

With award-winning course content and short lessons, it only takes a few minutes a day to brush up on or master the basics.

learn Italian

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Are there any movies in Italian on Netflix? ›

La Vita È Bella (Life Is Beautiful)

In the #1 spot on my Italian movies on Netflix list is Roberto Benigni's 1997 classic Life is Beautiful.

What is good on Netflix Italy? ›

Some territories are included in the countries list for convenience.
  • Ginny & Georgia: Season 2. #1 this week. ...
  • Kaleidoscope: Limited Series. #2 this week. ...
  • Wednesday: Season 1. ...
  • The Good Doctor: Season 5. ...
  • The Lying Life of Adults: Season 1. ...
  • Emily in Paris: Season 3. ...
  • La Reina del Sur: Season 3. ...
  • Alice in Borderland: Season 2.

Is there any Italian series on Netflix? ›

Suburra: Blood on Rome

The series is based on the 2015 film Suburra which was inspired by the novel written by Giancarlo De Cataldo and Carlo Bonini (also called Suberra) and was the first Netflix Italian language original series. There are a total of 24 episodes over 3 seasons.

Does Hulu have Italian movies? ›

If you're a Hulu subscriber and an Italian language learner, that's even better! You're about to discover four Italian movies on Hulu that'll give you an insider glimpse of Italian culture, history and, of course, language—slang included.

How do I get Italian on Netflix? ›

iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet
  1. From the Netflix app home screen, tap the profile icon or Menu .
  2. Tap Manage Profiles.
  3. Select the profile you want to edit.
  4. Tap Audio & Subtitles Languages.
  5. Select preferred languages from Audio & Subtitles Languages. The new languages will automatically save.

What movie is based in Italy? ›

Here are nine movies set in Italy to inspire your next tour of Italy.
  • The Godfather.
  • Wonder Woman. Matera. ...
  • The Italian Job. Venice. ...
  • Letters to Juliet. Verona. ...
  • Eat, Pray, Love. Rome, Naples. ...
  • Under the Tuscan Sun. Positano, Tuscany. ...
  • Men in Black: International. Naples. ...
  • When in Rome. Rome.
Aug 2, 2021

What is the most watched Netflix Serie? ›

Netflix's most watched TV series, ranked
  • Squid Game (season 1), a Korean survival thriller -- 1.65 billion hours.
  • Stranger Things (season 4), a retro sci-fi series -- 1.35 billion hours.
  • Wednesday, a coming-of-age supernatural dark comedy -- 1.24 billion hours.
Jan 10, 2023

What should I watch on Italian TV? ›

Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere.
  • “Summertime” ...
  • “L'Amica Geniale” (My Brilliant Friend) ...
  • “Un Medico in Famiglia” (A Doctor in the Family) ...
  • “Suburra: Blood on Rome” ...
  • “Il Commissario Montalbano” (Detective Montalbano) ...
  • “Curon” ...
  • “L'allieva” (The Pupil)
Dec 29, 2022

What to watch to improve Italian? ›

The Best TV Series and Shows to Learn Italian for Beginners
  • Un Medico in Famiglia. This is probably the most famous Italian TV series, based on the well-known Spanish format, Médico de Familia. ...
  • Tutti Pazzi per Amore. ...
  • Skam Italia. ...
  • L'amica geniale. ...
  • Boris. ...
  • The Young Pope. ...
  • I Medici. ...
  • Il Commissario Montalbano.
Oct 6, 2021

How can I watch Italian movies in USA? ›

You are able to stream Italian Movie by renting or purchasing on Amazon Instant Video or Vudu.

Does Disney plus have movies in Italian? ›

Disney+ supports subtitles and audio dubs in 16 languages, including English, Spanish (Spain or Latin America), French, Dutch, Cantonese, Dansk, Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil versions), German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Icelandic, and Polish.

Is HBO Max in Italy? ›

If you have the With Ads plan, you can't stream HBO Max outside of the United States.

Is Netflix in Italy in English? ›

Similarly, if you live in or are visiting Italy, you can only access the Italian version of Netflix. There is a fix though: a premium VPN like PureVPN!

Can you add a language to Netflix? ›

Choose the language in the Shows & Movies Languages settings for the profile you're using and tap or click Save. Visit or to browse and watch movies and TV shows by subtitle or audio language.

How much is Netflix in Italy? ›

Netflix with ads: price

Base with advertising: € 5.49 / month. Base: € 7.99 / month. Standard: € 12.99 / month. Premium: € 17.99 / month.

Does Netflix have the series Rome? ›

Roman Empire is a television docudrama based on historical events of the Roman Empire. The show is in the anthology format with each season presenting an independent story.
Roman Empire (TV series)
Roman Empire
Original networkNetflix
Original releaseNovember 11, 2016 – April 5, 2019
12 more rows

Is the new Italian Job on Netflix? ›

A clever thief masterminds a major heist amid the waterways of Venice, Italy -- but a betrayal by one of his own spells disaster. Watch all you want. Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron and Edward Norton star in this remake of the 1969 classic caper film.

Are there any operas on Netflix? ›

There's still no opera on Netflix.

What foreign dramas are on Netflix? ›

Bingeworthy TV Dramas
  • Bordertown.
  • Señora Acero.
  • Unauthorized Living.
  • 2020.
  • Babylon Berlin.
  • Black Money Love.
  • The Valhalla Murders.
  • Club de Cuervos.


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