The 7 Best Underseat Powered Subwoofers for Your Car (2022) (2023)

Most cars don't have a lot of extra space that can be used to place subwoofers. But just because there's no space doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the quality of music in your car. Go out and get an underseat subwoofer.

An underseat subwoofer is a small subwoofer that features a built-in amplifier in a compact enclosure. This clever design is perfect when it comes to installing a subwoofer for your vehicle, eliminating the need to get a woofer, couple it to a separate amplifier, and then wire it up as best you can.

The best place to install a small powered subwoofer would be under the driver or passenger seat, behind the back seat, or in the back seat. This depends on your car type.

Finding the perfect underseat subwoofer for your car can be a daunting task given the many models available on the market today. But no worry; I understand you. Below is a list of 7 of the best underseat subwoofers you can't go wrong with.

1. Rockville RSW12CA Delgado

The 7 Best Underseat Powered Subwoofers for Your Car (2022) (1)

losRockville RWS12Slim Subwoofer is not only one of the best subwoofers in the Rockville family, it is one of the best subwoofers you can find on the market today, as well as my personal favorite and top pick.

Below is a list of some features to help you better understand why this baby is doing so well when it comes to self-powered underseat subwoofers.


First of all, it is powerful and can handle up to 12 watts peak power and 400 watts RMS. You also get;

  • A super slim design with dimensions of 24 inch * 15 inch * 6.65 inch,
  • Laminated high density foam surround,
  • 2 inch high temperature aluminum voice coil,
  • 4 ohms impedance,
  • Low level RCA inputs,
  • 150 mV at 5 V input level,
  • Frequency range from 38 Hz to 500 Hz, and
  • 24 dB low-pass crossover frequency from 50 Hz to 250 Hz


The sleek Rockville RWS12CA;

  • produces high-quality booming bass,
  • is big and powerful
  • looks classy
  • is built into a robust housing
  • comes with a complete cable kit with everything you need for quick and easy installation,
  • It has a fast connection.
  • Has Auto On/Off: Turns on and off automatically when you turn on your stereo and turns off when it no longer detects a music signal

In contrast

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While I have nothing but good things to say about the Rockville RWS12CA, I would like to point out that despite its slim design, it may be oversized for some vehicle types.

last thought

If you are looking for an underseat subwoofer that looks good and performs well, then the Rockville RWS12CA is undoubtedly your best choice.

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2. Rockville RW10CA

The 7 Best Underseat Powered Subwoofers for Your Car (2022) (2)

My second best option is thisRockville RW10CA. This subwoofer fits under most car seats as it is only 10 inches wide and 2.7 inches thick.

It's powerful, capable of producing 800 watts of peak power and up to 200 watts RMS while producing crisp, clear bass.

This subwoofer also has the following features


  • MOSFET PWM power supply
  • Low level RCA input
  • High level inputs with automatic ignition technology
  • Adjustable input sensitivity
  • Softly delayed remote start
  • Thermal protection circuit, short circuit protection circuit
  • overload protection circuit
  • Phase change: 0° or 180°
  • Tiefpassfilter: 50 Hz - 150 Hz
  • Bass boost: 0 - 18 dB at 45 Hz
  • Remote subwoofer level control
  • Built-in subsonic filter @ 29Hz


The Rockville RW10CA;

  • It features a high-level input, so it's very easy to install.
  • Has Auto On/Off: Turns on and off automatically when you turn on your stereo and turns off when it no longer detects a music signal
  • It is powerful 800 watts. You can play very loud without distortion,
  • It has a large 10 inch cone for deeper bass and
  • has thermal protection

In contrast

Like its sister, the Rockville RWS12CA, the Rockville RW10CA has no handicaps. However, I noticed this;

  • Sound quality is often affected by the installation process; So you need to make sure it is tightened in place,
  • Build quality is not the best
  • does not have as many outputs as other models

last thought

If you have a small car and are looking for a slim subwoofer that fits under your seat, I recommend considering the Rockville RW10CA. Will not disappoint you.

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3. Hide Kicker 11HS8

The 7 Best Underseat Powered Subwoofers for Your Car (2022) (3)

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Kicker is known for developing unique high-tech subwoofers. thePickguard 11HS8Even though it's small, this babe uses the latest bass technologies to produce great, clear and soulful bass, making it a strong contender in the best underseat subwoofer category.


  • Compact active subwoofer
  • 8″ Woofer
  • built-in 150 watts RMS amplifier
  • Frequency Response: 25-120Hz
  • variable Tiefpassweiche (50-120 Hz)
  • variable phase control (0 or 180 degrees)
  • Bass boost control (0dB to +6dB)
  • Speaker level inputs
  • automatic ignition switch
  • wired remote control
  • Dimensions: 14-1/4″ W x 3-1/4″ H x 9-3/8″ D


The kicker 11HS8 has;

  • a compact design
  • equalizing amplifier,
  • ein Remote-Bass,
  • Aluminiumkegel,
  • wiring harness, as well
  • Functions gain control
  • has an efficient spider design
  • produces clean bass without distortion and
  • features a powerful 150-watt preamp

In contrast

That subwoofer under the seat;

  • produces a rattling noise at high volume,
  • has no RCA inputs, and
  • It is expensive,

last thought

If you're looking for an underseat subwoofer that boasts advanced technology and doesn't mind digging a little deeper, then the Kicker 11HS8 is a great choice for you.

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4. Alpine Electronics PWE-S8

The 7 Best Underseat Powered Subwoofers for Your Car (2022) (4)

losPWE-S8It's an 8-inch subwoofer that looks good and is built to last. It comes in a high quality, durable cast metal case. It's quite heavy, coming in at around 10 pounds, which adds to its quality feel and allows it to perform reasonably well on rough and bumpy roads.

It's easy to install, especially if you have RCA connectors in your vehicle. Plus, this 8-inch baby produces clean, clear, and full bass.


  • a 120 W amplifier, housed together with the sub in the housing,
  • measures 13.5"L x 9"W x 3"D which means it can be installed under or behind a seat in a truck, in the trunk of a sedan, or in the hatch of an SUV
  • 32Hz-150Hz frequency response
  • Rated power: 120W RMS,
  • RCA-0.1-4 V,
  • 1.5-30V speaker input / automatic detection,


It's a subwoofer;

  • it's small - makes installation under your car seat pretty easy,
  • produces a clean and clear sound
  • It has an attractive design
  • is built sturdy

In contrast

This subwoofer is quite expensive.

last thought

If you're looking for a good looking subwoofer that sounds good and is small enough to fit in your small car, then the PWE-S8 is for you. Just be prepared to dig deeper.

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5. Kenwood KSC-SW11

The 7 Best Underseat Powered Subwoofers for Your Car (2022) (5)

Kenwood is a well-known name in the car audio industry. theKenwood KSC-SW11It may be small but powerful, with a large aluminum frame that absorbs all heat, eliminating the risk of the sub overheating.


  • Aluminum enclosure with 8-1/4″ x 5-1/8″ subwoofer
  • Wired remote control to control: volume
  • 50-12 variable Tiefpassweiche
  • 75 watts RMS power and 150 watts peak


It's a subwoofer;

  • it is flat and compact,
  • has a built-in amplifier,
  • It has a front metal grille for protection,
  • It has a durable aluminum construction, ideal for heat absorption to prevent overheating and
  • has a friendly price

In contrast

The Kenwood KSC-SW11 has some disadvantages including;

  • does not have very strong bass, and
  • It's limited when it comes to sound tuning options.

last thought

If you're just starting out, are short on cash and don't care too much about getting really loud bass, then the Kenwood KSC-SW11 is a pretty good replacement to start with.

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6. JBL Bass Pro SL

The 7 Best Underseat Powered Subwoofers for Your Car (2022) (6)

losJBL Bass Pro SLIt is a small 8 inch subwoofer with an efficient design and an attractive appearance. However, it is not very powerful. Despite its low power and small stature, it produces pretty decent bass.


  • JBL BassProSL 8″ Compact Active Underseat Subwoofer Enclosure
  • Output Power: Peak: 250 watts
  • RMS: 125 Watt
  • Efficient Class D amplifier
  • LED indicators for power and protection,
  • soft start ignition,
  • High-level inputs with Audio Sense Auto-On,
  • Gold-plated remote, ground and power screw terminals,
  • 3-fold protective circuit for thermal, overload and short-circuit protection of the speaker,
  • wired bass remote control ready,
  • low sensitivity levels of 200 mV - 2 V and high levels of 2 V - 20 V
  • Frequency response from 35 to 120 Hz
  • Variable low-pass filter from 50 to 120 Hz, 12 dB/octave, variable bass boost from 0 to +9 dB bass boost at 70 Hz and selectable phase switch from 0° to 180°.


This submarine;

  • it is easy to install,
  • It has a sturdy and attractive construction,
  • It has an efficient design and feels cool,
  • has numerous outputs for audio tuning

In contrast

This submarine is slightly more expensive than other submarines with the same characteristics.

last thought

Although small, the JBL BassProSL sounds pretty good and is worth a try despite the price.

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7. Mobiles VPAS10 von Cerwin-Vega

The 7 Best Underseat Powered Subwoofers for Your Car (2022) (7)

Last but not least is theCerwin-Vega Mobile VPAS10. This subwoofer is powerful and can handle 200 watts RMS of power with a peak power of 450 watts. It also comes in a compact design, ideal for you if you want to save space.


This baby has some very useful features including;

  • a 10-inch woofer for powerful, high-quality bass,
  • a compact design to fit into very small spaces,
  • uses an adjustable input sensitivity that allows you to tune the sensitivity to your preferred levels,
  • delayed turn-on function so you don't have to worry about ringing in your ears, and
  • an aluminum circuit for thermal protection


This submarine has a number of great features including:

  • phase switch,
  • Bass-Boost,
  • mosfet power supply,
  • has adjustable low-pass filter,
  • Has thermal protection
  • comes with RCA inputs,

In contrast

This subwoofer is expensive.

last thought

Although small, the mobile VPAS10 from Cerwin-Vega performs quite well. Get it if price is not an obstacle.

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Underseat subwoofers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and prices. The best booster seat for you should be one that fits your car well, has a durable construction, is affordable, and of course, one that sounds great.

However, it wouldn't hurt to get one that looks good. This factor isn't that crucial since it's an underseat under the seat that's likely to be out of sight at all times. If you are also looking for other types of car subwoofer, please take a look aroundthis post.

We look forward to your opinion.

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Yes you can leave your subwoofer on all the time as long as it has an auto standby feature. Subwoofers in standby last longer & use less power. Older subwoofers that don't have this function should be turned off when not in use as electricity escapes in the form of heat, causing the amplifier to get hotter than normal.

Are Underseat subwoofers any good? ›

If a subwoofer has a high sensitivity rating, it needs less power to produce sound. For the best sound experience, get an underseat subwoofer with high sensitivity. It produces less heat, uses less power, and will most likely outlast a subwoofer with low sensitivity.

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