The best free Nintendo Switch games (that's right, totally free!) (2023)

The best free Nintendo Switch games (that's right, totally free!) (1)

The Nintendo Switch is quickly becoming one of the most successful home consoles of all time. It is already the best-selling Nintendo home console of all time. If you have one, you probably play it all the time and may need new game ideas. To help you out, below we have a list of the best free Nintendo Switch games you can get.

If you're confused, you read that right: these games aretotally free, as in You can play them on your Switch today without spending a dime. The developers expect you to spend in-game money to buy upgrades, more content, and other goodies, but the basic gameplay is 100% free.

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We have tried to make our list as rounded as possible. You'll find racing games, platform games, first-person shooters, battle royales, puzzle games, and even pinball simulators. If you like video games, chances are one of these best free Switch games will work for you.

Don't have a Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite or Switch OLED yet? They're still hard to come by thoughClick hereto try to get one today. If not, keep looking for the best free Nintendo Switch games available right now.

The best free Nintendo Switch games:

  1. Asphalt 9: Legends
  2. quarrel
  3. Fall Guys
  4. Fourteen days
  5. pokemon search
  1. rocket league
  2. Super Bomberman R online
  3. war frame
  4. zachary flipper

editor's note: This list of the best free Nintendo Switch games is updated regularly as new games are released.

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1. Asphalt 9: Legends

There aren't that many free-to-play racing titles for SwitchAsphalt 9: Legendsa shoo-in for inclusion in this list of the best free Nintendo Switch games. If you like cars, custom modifications and driving in different beautiful environments, then this is the game for you!

Let's face it though: the free version of Asphalt 9: Legends is pretty limiting. While, without spending any money, you get a car that you can use to drive around different places, but some of those trips are limited by a timer. Also, there are plenty of other cars, mods, and environments to play with, but these will require you to shell out some money.

If you play this game and decide you like it, follow our advice and don't buy individual tokens. Instead, buy the Starter Racer Pack, which gets you tons of blueprints, 200,000 credits, and 300 tokens, which should be more than enough to get you through most of the game without having to worry about microtransactions. However, if you just want to drive a cool car, you don't have to spend anything.

2. Fight

Definitely,Super Smash Bros UltimateIt is one of the best games for Nintendo Switch. However, this is a full-price title, so you'll get at least $50 back. Inputquarrel, which is like Smash but costs nothing, making it one of the best free games on Nintendo Switch.

Like Super Smash Bros., Brawlhalla allows you to choose from dozens of different fighters so you can fight in different environments. However, it is much easier than Smash, with more restrictions on speed and combat combos. If you like the concept of Smash but find it a bit overwhelming, you might like Brawlhalla (and it's free, so there's nothing to lose by trying it out).

There are microtransactions in Brawlhalla, but spending has no benefit other than aesthetics. In other words, the more you spend, the higher your chances of winning. As long as you don't worry about your character skins or anything like that, you can enjoy the game indefinitely without spending a dime.

3. Fall Guys

It was a bit late, but Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout finally got the Nintendo Switch port that we all knew was needed all along. Interestingly, the game has removed the "Ultimate Knockout" part of its title, and its status as a paid game. Now,Fall Guysit's completely free to play!

Of course, there is a premium season pass that you can purchase for real money if you wish. But this game is now becoming one of the best free Nintendo Switch games because you can do almost anything you want in the game without having any money. Only super fans need to spend cash.

The only problem though is that Fall Guys has lost popularity since its original release. It was great news that it landed on Switch, but its cultural moment is over. Still, it's a great game and worth checking out if you missed it when it was all the rage.

4. Fortnite

that was inevitableFourteen daysit would end up on this list of the best free Nintendo Switch games as it is such a phenomenon. Though it certainly wasn't inventedthe battle royale genre, pretty much defines him at this point considering how his popularity has grown beyond all expectations.

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We will not go deep into the game as most of the players have played it on various platforms where you can get it (including Android). Basically, the gameplay is the same as on any other console; It's just that it's now on Switch.

As usual, the game is completely free and will remain so forever. If you want to improve the appearance of your character in any way, it will cost you some money, but the game itself can now be downloaded and played for hundreds of hours without spending a dime.

5. Search for Pokémon

The biggest Pokemon games for Switch –Scarlet PokemonYViolet,Pokémon-Legend: Arceus,pokemon swordYSign, and the previousPokémon: Come on, PikachuYCome on Eevee- are some of the best-selling titles on console. Of many ways,pokemon searchIt's not quite as good as these other games, but Quest has a reputation as one of the best free games on Nintendo Switch, which the other games can't match.

Unsurprisingly, Pokémon Quest involves you finding Pokémon and befriending them. However, the game's distinctive cube art design makes it look different from other Pokemon titles, and its smaller scale (not to mention the microtransactions) makes it feel different too.

To be honest, you don't have to spend any money to play Pokémon Quest. However, since so much of the game depends on you making your own Tumblecube island, the idea of ​​buying some cute things to decorate your base camp might be too tempting. However, if you can resist it, you can easily enjoy Pokémon Quest without spending any money.

Do you need more Pokémon in your life? I did not forget itpokemon united, another free Nintendo Switch game. It's the first 5v5 title to feature your favorite Pokémon, and you can battle with all-new ranked matches and Unite moves.

6. Rocket League

If you're not familiar with itrocket leagueThe phenomenon can be easily summed up: it's football, but instead of human players there are cars with super engines. That's all. This is the game.

The game is obviously a huge hit, so a simple description doesn't do it justice. However, in September 2020, the game went free-to-play, making it one of the best free games on Nintendo Switch.

Unsurprisingly, the game's monetization strategy revolves around changing the visual appearance of your car. The good news is that if you've already played Rocket League on another console, you can transfer your leaderboards and trophies between platforms so they appear on your Nintendo Switch.

If you're good enough at the game, there's also a huge eSports world championship. Good luck!

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7. Super Bomberman R Online

Later in this article, we'll tell you about Tetris 99 and Pac-Man 99, which let you compete against 98 other players online. However, these games require a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. They are technically free, but this limitation may not work for you.

Thank God,Super Bomberman R onlinedoes not have this limitation. Without a Nintendo Switch Online membership, you can compete against up to 64 players from around the world.

The gameplay is similar to old school Bomberman titles. You throw bombs, collect power-ups and try to beat more levels than your opponents. The only real problem with the Switch version of this game is the load times - they can be quite long. The game is free to play though, who can complain?

8. Tetris 99 y Pac-Man 99

How do you take Tetris, one of the most popular and famous games of all time, and modernize it for something as advanced as the Nintendo Switch? Well, someone thought that pitting 99 Tetris players against each other would be enough. it worked becausetetris 99is by far one of the best free Nintendo Switch games and might even be the best of the free Switch games.

If you know how to play Tetris (and, frankly, who doesn't?), you know how to play Tetris 99. The only difference is that you'll be up against almost 100 other players when you play, and only one person will come out as the winner of the round.

Similar,pac-man 99it takes the same principle from Tetris 99 and applies it to the original Pac-Man game.

Here's a word of caution: To play Tetris 99 or Pac-Man 99 the way they're designed, you must bea Nintendo Switch Online subscriber. This allows you to log in to online games. There is a way to play both games offline against 98 CPU players, but that will cost you a one-time fee of $10 for Tetris and a whopping $14.99 for Pac-Man. Assuming you're a Switch Online subscriber, the free versions are probably all you need.

9. War Frame

One of the most popular free games on Switch iswar frame. It is an action RPG with third-person over-the-shoulder controls. Set in the distant future, the game centers on an ancient alien race who awaken from suspended animation only to find themselves at war with various factions.

Most Warframe levels are procedurally generated, but there are some story-specific levels that advance the game's plot. In general, you run and gun your character, take out bad guys, level up, equip new gear, etc.

Warframe is completely free to play and earns money in the same way as many other games on this list: microtransaction upgrades. However, the good news is that if you don't want to spend money, you can earn all game upgrades through grinding. This levels the playing field somewhat, as every player can access every upgrade, although players with money to burn progress much faster.

If you are looking for another free hero style shooting game, you can give it a try.apex legends, to. All you have to do is choose your legend and build your crew as you take on battle royale and arena situations. There are in-game transactions as usual, but that doesn't take away from the fun you can have.

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10. Zacarias Flipper

This might be the most unexpected entry on this list of the best free Nintendo Switch games. However, there aren't too many pinball simulations available on the Switch, and it's a fun, if often overlooked, game genre.

as one would expectzachary flipperyou can play virtual pinball machines. However, what is really interesting is that many of the tables are replicas of real machines made by Zaccaria, the third largest pinball manufacturer in the world.

When you download the game, two tables are offered to play for free (Time Machine and Time Machine Retro). You can also play all the other tables, but they are locked by a point limit (meaning you can only play them until you reach the point limit and then you have to stop). However, you can pay to unlock more tables without a timer. So if you really love one, it is there for you.

However, if you just want to relax with some pinball, you don't need to spend anything to enjoy Zaccaria Pinball.

That's it for our list of the best free Nintendo Switch games. Don't forget to bookmark this page so you can see future updates we make to this list of the best free Switch games!


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What is the #1 switch game in the world? ›

1Mario Kart 8 DeluxeNintendo EPD
2Animal Crossing: New HorizonsNintendo EPD
3Super Smash Bros. UltimateBandai Namco Studios Sora Ltd.
4The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildNintendo EPD
52 more rows

Is Roblox on the Switch? ›

While Roblox is not yet officially available on the eShop, there's still another option if you're really eager to play its games on Switch. To do so, you must install and load an Android operating system alongside Nintendo Switch's own operating system.

Is Roblox free on Nintendo Switch? ›

Indeed, you can't play Roblox games with the Nintendo console.

Are old games free on Nintendo Switch? ›

Enjoy a curated library of more than 100 total NES™ and Super NES™ classic games—including Super Mario Bros.™, Metroid™, The Legend of Zelda™, Donkey Kong™, and more—all at no extra charge.

Does Nintendo give free games? ›

However, not only does Nintendo Switch Online enable Switch owners to play many games online, membership offers a growing selection of free classic games to download, including Super Mario.

Are some Nintendo games free? ›

Did you know that there are lots of amazing free-to-play games available for the Nintendo Switch™ system? Now you do! Whether you're starting your game library or looking to build it up, you can add a few more games without having to empty your coffers*.

What switch game is most worth it? ›

Best of Nintendo Switch
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Nintendo.
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Bandai Namco.
  • Super Mario Odyssey. 1-Up Studio.
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Nintendo.
  • Metroid Dread. MercurySteam.
  • Luigi's Mansion 3. Next Level Games.
  • Hades. Supergiant Games.
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Nintendo EAD.
Jan 24, 2023

Is Call of Duty on Nintendo Switch? ›

Update as of 7th December 2022:

Following earlier speculation, it has now been confirmed by Microsoft that it will be bringing Call of Duty to the Nintendo Switch, as long as its merger with Activision goes ahead. Spencer also confirmed a 10-year commitment to Call of Duty on Steam.

Who is Luigi's girlfriend? ›

Daisy is one of the main characters of 1993's Super Mario Bros. film, loosely based on the games, portrayed by Samantha Mathis. She is a student of archaeology at New York University whom Luigi falls in love with.


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