Updated versions of Open edX Software: Maple and Nutmeg - Open edX (2023)

Open edX MapleyOpen edX Nutmegbring exciting features to provide an online learning experience with more details on course dates, tracks and tutorials. Additionally, it introduces changes to Tutor, focus on Open edX events and filters, and some security updates. Olive, the latest version of the Open edX software, was released last week, and additional content will follow, updating you on new integrated features. You will learn more about Olive at the next Open edX Meetup scheduled for 26/01/2023 at 10:00 a.m. ET. (EDT). The registration link for this free virtual event will be posted on ourEvent calendar, in the next week.

This blog will tell you about some of the latest additions to Maple and Nutmeg that are sure to come in handy as you navigate the platform and build online courses. As usual, changes and improvements are organized by the experience it provides to the type of user using the platform: students, instructors, administrators, operators and developers. So let's take a look at what these latest versions have to offer!

Instructor experiences

No MFE: Standard pages and grading policies

The standard course pages now have a standardized order to ensure consistency across all courses on the platform. However, instructors can create new custom tabs and arrange them according to their preferences.

Updated versions of Open edX Software: Maple and Nutmeg - Open edX (1)

In addition, course authors will be able to set the new grading policies to set a minimum grade limit of 99 (previously it could not be higher than 97).

Updated versions of Open edX Software: Maple and Nutmeg - Open edX (2)

Course creation Import messages and validation

Although many course teams do not typically use this course import, instructors cannot proceed with course creation when it fails. In previous versions, occasional problems could occur when importing a new version of your course through Studio. The error messages did not easily identify the error and made the process more tedious as an administrator was needed to help solve the problem. Instructors will now see specific error messages in the Studio course import area. For developers, these errors are logged and can be exported to New Relic, Splunk, etc.

Updated versions of Open edX Software: Maple and Nutmeg - Open edX (3)

to. upload error

(Video) "What is Open edX?", March 18, 2021 Open edX remote meetup

  • File fragment lost during upload– When a course import file (tar.gz) exceeds 20 MB, it is split equally and uploaded to the server. Due to our server configuration, it is possible that a part is missing, which can cause the course import to fail during merge on the server.
  • The file fragment could not be loaded Error– This error occurs when a file fragment is lost during the upload process. Due to this the file gets corrupted and cannot be processed.
  • incompatible fil– Occurs if a user accidentally tries to upload an incompatible file. This verification is also found in the interface.

b. Unpacking error

  • Invalid user -Triggered if the specified user_id does not exist.
  • Access denied -This error occurs if the user does not have the necessary permissions to import the course.
  • Incompatible fil –Appears if the file to extract is not in tar.gz format. This check verifies that the extraction process will not run if the file is not in a valid format.
  • File not found -If the uploaded file is not available in the box or it was deleted, the error will be displayed.
  • Insecure tar file –This is a system-level error that occurs when the tarball tries to extract to the root where you don't have permissions.
  • Unknown exception -There may be unknown events that occur during the course import, for them more information will be recorded in the system logs, but there is no clear and user-friendly error.

c.Check step

  • Check the root name:The root name for a course import is course.xml and for a library it is library.xml. If this file does not exist, this error is thrown.

d. Update failure

Errors may occur after XML validation and during data updates in the course.

  • Could not parse active XML -Error parsing assets.xml
  • ID of duplicate course:Cancels the import because a course with this ID already exists.
  • Module import error:A course module was not imported correctly.
  • Monitoring provider error:This error is generated when a Courserun.xml file contains a Proctoring_Providere.g attribute. Proctoring_Provider = "proctortrack" and this provider is not available/enabled on the server.

Open - response ratings

reusable rubrics

In course creation, it is now possible to reuse an existing Open Response Assessment (ORA) rubric in a course when creating a new ORA in the same course. Using a block ID, you can now specify which ORA rubric you want to clone to another ORA within the same course.

How to do this is very simple:

  1. In Studio, go toRubricand select the category you wantclone. This is in the edit method section for published and unpublished ORAs.
  2. chooseclone headerand copy the block ID for that ORA.
  3. Then proceed to create a new ORA or navigate to an existing ORA.
  4. Open the category section inedit modal.
  5. To takethe complete block IS of the ORA that you want to clone. EITHER,
  6. Enter a few characters of that block ID and select it from the drop-down menu.
  7. Select Clone when the correct block ID is selected. All existing rubric values ​​will be replaced by the original ORA rubric values.

With the new updates, students can also submit comments with an extended character limit to 1k characters, add a new button to edit an ORA in Studio, and submit full-width comments.

(Video) Open edX Platform Architecture Introduction

Xblocks: Compatibility with LTI 1.3 and LTI Advantage

lti-consumer-xblock (also known as xblock-lti-consumer) has been updated to support LTI 1.3 as well as the Deep Linking (LTI-DL) and Assignment and Grading Services (LTI-AGS) features of LTI Advantage. These features are now enabled by default. Information on configuring lti-consumer-xblock can be foundher.

New X blocks

  • Xblock – imagen – modal:The full screen image tool is another way to allow participants to see more detail in the accompanying images. This tool is useful for large images with a lot of detail. A resized image appears on the page, but clicking the image opens a full-screen modal with the full-sized version of the image.
  • Xblock-in-video-test:This XBlock allows edX components to be shown to users in videos at specific times.
  • Xblock-lti consumer:This XBlock implements the consumer side of the LTI specification, allowing the integration of third-party LTI provider tools.
  • Use:This is a video collaboration solution that turns static, one-way Stream/VOD video into an active, interactive group experience where participants contribute, share and learn together. Users can lean forward and become participants and not just passive, solitary viewers, making all users actively engage and return to video content, share more ideas and create more meaningful content. These interactive group experiences result in higher engagement and retention rates and are supported by comprehensive insights and analytics that facilitate dramatic improvements in content, communication and measurable results.
Updated versions of Open edX Software: Maple and Nutmeg - Open edX (4)
Updated versions of Open edX Software: Maple and Nutmeg - Open edX (5)
  • PDF:Course component (Open edX XBlock) that provides an easy way to embed a PDF.
  • XBlock-diagram:This XBlock provides a new XBlock for content authors that allows them to implement graphics in their course without much effort and with a user interface to make the task as simple as possible.

Currently, the charts provided are area, column, column, pie, line, and dot charts. Charts are populated from a table that is easily configured by the user and can contain values ​​or sets, depending on the chart type.

The chart display itself is powered by Google Charts, done in the colorful style of Material Design.

Updated versions of Open edX Software: Maple and Nutmeg - Open edX (6)
  • SCORM X blok:This is an XBlock for displaying SCORM content in Open edX LMS and Studio. It will save student status and report results on the course progress tab. It is currently compliant with the SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 standards.
Updated versions of Open edX Software: Maple and Nutmeg - Open edX (7)

New X blocks

  • vector drawing:To do vector drawing exercises.
  • Blok X H5P:H5P XBlock provides the ability to host and play H5P content on the open edX platform. It has a few more features such as: the ability to mark H5P content as complete in the Open edX platform, the ability to capture H5P content scores in the Open edX environment, save student status that can be retrieved later, and the ability to host H5P -content on cloud storage such as AWS S3.
Updated versions of Open edX Software: Maple and Nutmeg - Open edX (8)
  • Webhook – XBlock:This repository provides an X-Block that triggers a webhook by sending a payload with basic information about the course and student to a configurable URL.

XBlock can be configured in three modes:

– Send the payload each time the user visits the course entity.

– Only send the payload the first time the user visits the course entity (default mode).

– Allow the student to submit the application by clicking a button.

(Video) State of Open edX Address & the Maple software release

with MFE

Finally, Gradebook MFE (micro frontend) support was added, including custom themes and supported translations in right-to-left languages ​​such as Arabic or Hebrew.


No MFE – Password Complexity

There are new complexity requirements for passwords that are PCI compliant. For more information,look at this.

  • It is now possible to add optional fields to the registration form that are always visible and do not require the user to click the "Support educational research by providing additional information" checkbox. Use the new optional exposure settings inREGISTRATION_EXTRA_FIELDSsetting.
  • Added an opt-in checkbox to the registration form (checked by default) to allow the user to opt-in to receive marketing communications. Marketing_emails_opt_in field is now enabled by default iRE.
Updated versions of Open edX Software: Maple and Nutmeg - Open edX (9)

Bulk Course Email Tool

First of all, the ability to filter the recipients of mass mailings was added to segment according to the purpose of the communication. This feature can be enabled by setting a value for the BULK_COURSE_EMAIL_LAST_LOGIN_ELIGIBILITY_PERIOD setting. Its value must be an integer (representing months) that represents the eligibility period from the current date to receive a message. Similarly, a simple course table bulk_email_disabled has been added that allows you to disable the bulk email tool for specific course runs so that they will not be able to see the bulk email tab on the instructor dashboard.

Updated versions of Open edX Software: Maple and Nutmeg - Open edX (10)

On the other hand, it is now possible to send emails with the user ID instead of the email address. The setting EMAIL_USE_DEFAULT_FROM_FOR_BULK was changed to EMAIL_USE_COURSE_ID_FROM_FOR_BULK. Previously, it was possible for a "from" address created from a course ID to not exist and fail. Now those who wish can do so by setting the flag to true.

learning experiences

Med MFE – User Tours

These are user guides whose purpose is to demonstrate to students the sections that they need to take into account in the platform to complete their courses.

By default, there are three designed tours:

  • "Of course start tour for new users"
  • "Course start existing user journey"
  • "Guided tour for new Courseware users"

Dates tab

Its purpose is to allow the student to anticipate and focus on the most relevant moments of their academic journey. There, students can see the general structure of the course with its most important dates, such as the exam day, assignment submissions and the end of the education.

(Video) Open edX Meetup - Online Learning Solution

weekly course goals

This update aims to contribute to student success through the ability to plan and have clarity about their expected performance. Students can also sign up for weekly emails containing this information.

To use it, on the right side of the course website, there is a widget that allows you to select a weekly learning objective.

The course course page

The course progress page has been revamped and now provides students with a visual understanding of their progress through the content, with split and cumulative grades, an overview of their performance on different types of assignments, and additional links to support course development.

Special exams

Proctored exams are also possible in Nutmeg, but now the student must be registered for the course. Identity verification (IDV) is not required for this.

developer experiences


Maple and Nutmeg added support for customxBlock-editorer i Studio, an API to update the user's email subscription settings, and a new feature in Django plugins to return the context to the instructor dashboard template.

dependency updates

  • Django 3.2We updated Django to version 3.2, the next LTS (long-term support) release. More details are availableher.
  • ElasticSearch 7.10Actualizamos todos los IDA with ElasticSearch (edx-platform, Blockstore, discovery, notes, analytics-api, cs-c comments-service) and ElasticSearch 7.10.
  • Mongo 4.2MongoDB version 4.0 ends in April 2022. We upgraded all IDAs using Mongo 4.0 (edx platform, cs comments) to Mongo version 4.2. More detailsher.
  • core extensibility: We added a new way to extend the core via Open edX Events & Filters.You can check here.
  • edX open events: which allows you to extend the functionality by listening to the event that is dispatched after a key process has completed, e.g. after registration, login, registration etc.
  • open edX filters: It is possible to set a list of functions to be performed before a key process starts, e.g. before registration, login, login, registration etc.

outdated tools

Each update brings new tools and also removes tools that no longer provide the right benefits. Here are the tools that will be removed with this update:

LEARN:a tool for creating short interactive tutorials (called "explorations") that attempt to simulate a conversation with a human tutor. This functionality could be replaced by an H5P tool that includes various interactive ways of displaying content.

(Video) What is Open edX? | EdTech with Edly


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What is the difference between edX and Open edX? ›

Open edX is used worldwide and enables anyone to deliver engaging online course content to their learners. Rather than using edX.org to create and submit their own courses, organizations can host and deploy their own branded instance of edX tailored specifically for their own online learning or training needs.

What are the installation options for Open edX? ›

You can install the Open edX developer stack (Devstack) or the Open edX analytics developer stack (Analytics Devstack).
  1. Devstack is a set of Docker containers designed for local development. ...
  2. Analytics Devstack is a modified version of the Devstack installation that allows you to run Open edX Analytics.

What software does edX use? ›

Yes. The Open edX platform utilizes AWS and Microsoft, IBM's distribution uses their respective cloud offerings, and Bitnami's distribution runs all cloud infrastructures.

What is the price of Open edX? ›

OpenEdX Pricing

It is also available at $165/mo and $330/mo with additional features.

What are the disadvantages of Open edX? ›

Open EDX Cons:
  • no built-in tools for learning gamification.
  • no video conferencing option.
  • specialization only for higher education and massive online courses.
Mar 20, 2022

Is HarvardX the same as edX? ›

HarvardX is an online learning platform that represents Harvard University's academic diversity. It was launched at the same time as edX. Edx is a non-profit online learning platform founded by top educational institutions- MIT and Harvard.

How to install Open edX on Windows 10? ›

9.5. Install Open edX Fullstack
  1. Ensure the nfsd client is running.
  2. Create the fullstack directory and navigate to it in the command prompt. mkdir fullstack cd fullstack.
  3. Install the Vagrant hostsupdater plugin. ...
  4. Create the Fullstack virtual machine. ...
  5. When prompted, enter the administrator password for your local computer.

Is Open edX SCORM compliant? ›

While the open edX platform does not natively support SCORM content, it is still possible to use SCORM in open edX courses using third-party xblocks.

How do I enable SCORM in open edX? ›

Usage. In the Studio, go to the advanced settings of your course ("Settings" 🡒 "Advanced Settings"). In the "Advanced Module List" add "scorm". Then hit "Save changes".

Is edX free anymore? ›

edX Cost and Pricing

Users can audit almost any course on edX for free; however, to access exams or complete a verified certificate, they will need to pay a fee. For many courses, this fee is between $50 and $100. Other courses may cost more, depending on the subject.

Is edX owned by China? ›

edX is an American massive open online course (MOOC) provider created by Harvard and MIT. It hosts online university-level courses in a wide range of disciplines to a worldwide student body, including some courses at no charge.

Which is better coursera or edX? ›

What are the most significant differences between Coursera and edX? Topics: Both platforms offer a diverse range of subjects. However, Coursera focuses more on professional training, for example computer science and business degrees. EdX offers numerous courses in the humanities and the natural sciences.

Why did edX sell out? ›

Leaders of edX cited the pandemic as a factor that led to the sale. “Covid drove an explosion in remote learning, which spurred huge investments into edX's commercial competitors,” wrote MIT's president L. Rafael Reif, in an open letter today. “This put edX, as a nonprofit, at a financial disadvantage.

What are the pros and cons of Open edX? ›

Pros: The program is accessible and free. The lectures are short, making it easy to take classes with a busy schedule. They offer SO many courses in various areas of study. Cons: Even though lectures are short it is hard to keep up with the courses/lectures without a consistent reminder to take the classes.

Is edX still good? ›

Is edX Legit? edX was founded by scientists from MIT and Harvard and has connections with universities across the globe, so there is no doubt that it is a legitimate company. It has a 4.5-star rating on TrustPilot, and 75% of students left 5-star reviews.

What is the edX controversy? ›

The course has garnered controversy, with some questioning whether the course objectively teaches Mao's theories, strategies, and policies and calling it a reiteration of the Chinese Communist Party ideology. However, others have expressed the belief that edX should not censor course content.

Do employers take edX seriously? ›

Note: edX certificates are verified and recognized by future employers. edX doesn't only offer plans for individuals, it has plans for Businesses.

How many people use Open edX? ›

More than 155,000 learners from 162 countries enrolled. The edX platform was released as open source software. Today, the Open edX platform powers more than 2,400 learning sites worldwide.

Is HarvardX actually Harvard? ›

Harvard Edx is a branch of Harvard University dedicated to offering the university's highest quality courses to dedicated learners across the globe. Harvard in conjunction with MIT founded the non-profit platform called edX. The two academic institutions provide courses pertaining to their university programs.

Can I get a job with a Harvard edX certificate? ›

Yes, you can use edX certificates on your resume. EdX has many high-quality courses, and it doesn't cost much to earn a certificate on the verified track. Adding edX courses to your resume is a fantastic way to impress potential employers and prove your skills.

Do employers care about edX certificates? ›

Everything else, leave off your resume. I actually recommend that companies screen out any and all of the certificates list above, it's a sure sign you don't know a lot about the real-world. Do programming employers look at EdX and Coursera certificates when hiring? Yes, they do.

How to generate certificate in open edX? ›

To do this, go to https://<host name of your Open edX instance>/admin . For example, this might be https://courses.YourOrganization.com/admin . Under Course Modes > Course modes, add a new course mode for course you want to create a certificate for.

How do I allow access to an EXE file in Windows 10? ›

In Windows 10, go to Start > Settings > Privacy > File system and make sure Allow apps to access your file system is turned On.

How to install XBlock in open edX? ›

Open edX: How To Install an XBlock
  1. Clone the GitHub repository of the XCode package into your Ubuntu instance.
  2. Change ownership of the cloned repository to edxapp.
  3. Run the pip installation program.
  4. Manually compile Open edX assets.
  5. Restart the LMS and CMS.
  6. Enable The XBlock In Your Course.
Feb 28, 2018

Is SCORM going away? ›

Summary: SCORM, in all its incarnations, has been a constant within the eLearning community for well over a decade, 18 years to be exact. Since then, technology has left the standard in the dust with users looking for new and more detailed ways to track learner journeys. In truth, SCORM is dead.

Which browser is best for edX courses? ›

Most current browsers will work on edX.org. For best performance, we recommend the latest versions of: Chrome (version 100 or later) Firefox.
What are the system requirements and supported browsers on edX?
  • Microsoft Edge.
  • Safari (version 15 or later)
  • Chrome for Android.
  • Safari for iOS.
Mar 31, 2023

Do colleges consider edX certificates? ›

Some educational institutions or organizations may offer you credit based on edX verified certificates. Students receive verified certificates after they earn a passing grade in a course that offers these certificates.

What can I use instead of SCORM format? ›

Our top choice for SCORM Cloud alternatives is EdApp. This SCORM-compatible learning management system (LMS) boasts an intuitive course creator tool, a simple reports system, customizable learner management, and a massive library of built-in microlearning courses. And the best part, it's completely free.

Is Open edX an LMS? ›

Open edX is an open-source learning management system (LMS) that is used to create, deliver, and track online courses and programs.

Why is SCORM blocked? ›

If you get an advice saying: "It appears that popup windows are blocked, stopping this SCORM package from playing. Please check your browser settings before trying again.” means that your e-course is blocked and cannot open in a new window, because your browser settings are preventing popup windows to be opened.

Is edX more expensive than Coursera? ›

edX courses cost between $50 and $100 (for individual courses). While Coursera courses typically hover around the same price range, a lot of their courses are heavily discounted. This means you can frequently get courses at $29 or less instead of maybe $80 or more.

How much is Harvard certificate on edX? ›

However, edX doesn't offer a free certificate. It only offers a paid verified certificate, which costs $149. Harvard Extension School, which is part of Harvard's distance education division.

Is edX premium worth it? ›

Yes, an edX professional certificate is worth it. EdX courses and certificates provide students with the professional skills to advance their careers. Students take a self-paced course curated by prestigious universities.

Is edX owned by Harvard? ›

edX is a non-profit, massive open online course (MOOC) provider founded by Harvard and MIT. It offers free online courses from top schools and institutions, with optional paid certificates. You can also enroll in MicroBachelors, MicroMasters, and master's programs.

How does edX make money? ›

How does edX sustain itself as a non-profit business? EdX's primary source of revenue is the partnering universities. For each course listed through edX, they charge the university a base rate from $50-250K plus 30-50% revenue made beyond this base rate depends on the type of course offering [9].

Is edX now for profit? ›

Instead, the business known as edX and the www.edX.org website are now part of a for-profit organization that is owned and operated by 2U, Inc., a publicly-traded, global education company.

Is Khan Academy better than edX? ›

Khan Academy has managed to reach an overall score of 8.2. To help you choose the right online learning platform faster, we have also compared your chosen brands - edX vs Khan Academy - with the top-rated platform DataCamp. This widely acclaimed online learning platform has the highest overall score of 9.8.

Is Udemy better than edX? ›

Udemy and edX offer courses in more than one language, yet Udemy takes the lead by producing courses in 60+ universal languages. edX has teamed up with top universities and lets you get a degree virtually in its platform, while Udemy only offers accredited certificates on completion.

Which e learning platform is best? ›

Best Online Learning Platforms – Starting Off on the Right Foot
  • Udemy Business.
  • Skillshare.
  • LinkedIn Learning.
  • Coursera.
  • edX.
  • iSpring Market.
  • Kajabi.
  • Podia.
Mar 6, 2023

Who owns Open edX? ›

When edX was acquired in 2021 by 2U, the Open edX team and maintenance were transferred to the Center for Reimagining Learning (tCRIL), a nonprofit founded by Harvard and MIT with the proceeds from the acquisition.
Open edX.
Logo of Open edX
Current statusActive
8 more rows

Who owns edX? ›

Image of Who owns edX?
2U, Inc. is an American educational technology company that contracts with non-profit colleges and universities to build, deliver and support online degree and non-degree programs.

Who bought edX? ›

Lanham, Md. and Cambridge, Mass., November 16, 2021 — 2U, Inc. (Nasdaq: TWOU), a global leader in education technology, today announced it has completed its previously announced acquisition of substantially all assets of edX, a world-leading online learning platform and education marketplace.

Do edX courses mean anything? ›

The courses that are offered on edX are provided by the lecturers at the leading universities, so putting a certificate of completion from edX on your resume shows that you have what it takes to complete that course like those in the classroom and no one just glances over a Harvard certificate of completion.

What is the difference between edX and edX edge? ›

The difference between the domains is that edX is the home for the MOOCs and Professional Education courses. Edge is used by universities to provide material for their on-campus or other traditional students.

What makes edX unique? ›

Interactive & Flexible

Unlike other eLearning platforms, the Open edX platform can go beyond simple interactions in an online classroom with the help of xBlock plugins. These XBlock plugins provide an immense amount of flexibility to Open edX users.

Does EdX Harvard certificate have value? ›

EdX certificates truly have value if you actually learn some skills. The courses will increase your knowledge for one, but they also give you more confidence as you tackle challenges and expand your understanding. The certificates are forever yours and something that you can build.

Should I upgrade EdX? ›

We recommend upgrading as soon as possible so you can access the graded assignments needed to progress towards earning a certificate. To find the specific deadline for your course, go to the course Home page, and then locate Upgrade to Verified Certificate under Important Dates.

What is Open edX? ›

Open edX is an online open source learning platform that enables educational institutions to offer courses and programs for remote learning. It was initially developed in 2012 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University and has been adopted by dozens of universities worldwide.

Why choose Open edX? ›

Open edX gives small companies the ability to small organizations to create high-quality and customized content that increases organizations' profit and learner engagement. Discover the power of Open edX for your e-learning platform. Book a call to learn more about our custom LMS development services.

What are the different types of edX analysis? ›

The technique can be qualitative, semi-quantitative, quantitative and also provide spatial distribution of elements through mapping.

Why Coursera is better than edX? ›

What are the most significant differences between Coursera and edX? Topics: Both platforms offer a diverse range of subjects. However, Coursera focuses more on professional training, for example computer science and business degrees. EdX offers numerous courses in the humanities and the natural sciences.

What browser is best for edX? ›

Most current browsers will work on edX.org. For best performance, we recommend the latest versions of: Chrome (version 100 or later) Firefox.

Do employers look at edX certificates? ›

Can I Use edX Certificates on My Resume? Yes, you can use edX certificates on your resume. EdX has many high-quality courses, and it doesn't cost much to earn a certificate on the verified track. Adding edX courses to your resume is a fantastic way to impress potential employers and prove your skills.

Do certificates from edX mean anything? ›

EdX courses and certificates provide students with the professional skills to advance their careers. Students take a self-paced course curated by prestigious universities. These courses are available for a range of disciplines and often offer a certificate of completion after their successful completion.

Do colleges look at edX? ›

Most edX open courses do not directly award academic credit. Each educational institution makes its own decision regarding credit. Check with your university for its policy. Please note: edX open courses don't currently offer transcripts or proof of registration for the purpose of obtaining credit.


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