Zachary is a 17-year-old boy who appears boastful, conceited and arrogant. when someone accuses you (2023)

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answer 1


His behavior shows that he suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder.


Narcissistic Personality Disorder:

It is a personality disorder in which a person develops traits like a narcissist.

  • The person tends to consider himself the most important and always correct.
  • People show no interest in others and don't care about others.
  • The person wants everyone to praise him and no one has the right to criticize.

In our case, the 17-year-old male shows personality traits such as being arrogant and boastful and showing no interest in others.

answer 2

Answer: Zachary's diagnosis would be narcissistic personality disorder (NPD).

Explanation: This type of disorder is related to the following behaviors; the person shows little interest in others and is often envious when others are recognized for their achievements. People with this type of disorder are also prone to daydreaming and fantasizing about the success that lies ahead.

Related questions

His roommate, who has not studied climate, says, "I thought the greenhouse effect was a bad thing. Isn't that what causes global warming?" Which of the following statements can you use to help your roommate understand the true nature of the greenhouse effect? Choose the two that apply. A. Some gases, such as carbon dioxide and water vapor, "trap" heat radiated by the Earth and cause warming.
B. Earth would be more habitable without the greenhouse effect.
C. When there are more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the greenhouse effect is stronger.
D. Carbon dioxide is the only greenhouse gas that matters.



Option (A) and (C).


The greenhouse effect increases the temperature of the earth every year. This causes the melting of the glaciers and causes flooding in the flat areas and allows persistent harmful gases in the atmosphere.

Greenhouse gases have the ability to trap heat from the sun that radiates from the planet. These greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, water vapor and methane. These greenhouse gases increase the greenhouse effect.

Therefore, the correct answer is option (A) and (C).

You are dissecting a kidney in class, and after cutting a sagittal section through the kidney, you decide to remove some of the lighter internal structures near the upper end of the ureter. A funnel-shaped sac that connects directly to the ureter is removed along with many tubes that converge to form the funnel-shaped sac. What structures have you removed?



The renal pelvis and pelvis.


The kidney plays an important role in the excretion of organisms. The kidney consists of millions of neurons that act as the filtering unit and consists of spiral networks.

The renal pelvis is funnel-shaped, which helps to remove fluid and helps in direct connection with the uterus. The structure of three or more fibers condenses in the renal pelvis to form the pelvis. These structures help in the transport of filtered urine.

Therefore, the correct answer is the renal pelvis and pelvis.

He is interested in studying a gene called CFTR because mutations in this gene in humans cause cystic fibrosis. He has created a line of mice that lack the mouse CFTR gene. These mice cannot clear the bacteria from their lungs, so they develop lung disease. They put a normal human CFTR gene into some of these mice and find that the mice with the human gene can remove the bacteria from their lungs and no longer get the lung disease. From this experiment, you can conclude that: ___ A) The DNA sequences of the mouse CFTR gene and the human CFTR gene are identical.
B) The amino acid sequences of the mouse CFTR protein and the human CFTR protein are identical.
C) The mouse CFTR gene and the human CFTR gene encode proteins that may serve a similar function.
D) Both answers B and C are true.
E) All of the above are true.



C) The mouse CFTR gene and the human CFTR gene encode proteins that may serve a similar function.


The CFTR gene encodes cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulatory protein. It is an ion channel protein and conducts chloride ions across the cell membrane. Its mutation leads to cystic fibrosis, which is characterized by the presence of thickened mucus in the lungs with frequent infections.

In the given experiment, the human CFTR gene can work in mice and restore lost body functions. This is because the CFTR gene from humans and mice show a high level of similarity because they code for similar proteins that can function in place of each other. However, this does not mean that the DNA sequence of the genes is identical. There is still some difference between them because they are two different species.

In fact, the human CFTR gene is about 189 kb long, while the mouse CFTR gene is about 152 kb long. The 27 exons have a very similar sequence. Most of the introns in the human CFTR gene are larger than those of the mouse.

You walk in the hardwood forest region of the northern Upper Peninsula of Michigan and through two small forests. Because we've turned you into a biology enthusiast, you count and identify all the trees you pass. In Forest A you will find 50 sugar maples, 50 yellow birches and 50 red oaks. In Forest B you will find 100 sugar maples, 48 ​​yellow birches and 2 red oaks. The most accurate comparison of these forests would be that A. differs in both richness and diversity of tree species.
B. has the same diversity of tree species.
C. differ in insect species richness.
D. differ in primary productivity.
E. have the same richness of tree species.



E. have the same richness of tree species.


Species richness measures the number of species present in an ecosystem. The more species, the richer the ecosystem. Species diversity measures the distribution of each species in the ecosystem.

Here, both forests have three tree species, so they have the same tree species richness. However, Forest A has the same number of trees of each species, and Forest B has a very high number of sugar maples and a very low number of red oaks. Therefore, Forest A is more diverse than Forest B.

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You are called urgently to examine a 2-hour-old full-term newborn who has had temperature instability, difficulty eating and suspected seizures. He has an atypical face (wide-set eyes, prominent nose and small jaw), cleft palate and holosystolic murmur. Acute laboratory studies and chest X-ray reveal marked hypocalcemia, a boot-shaped heart, and no visible thymus. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis? A. Ataxia-telangiectasia
B. DiGeorge syndrome
C. Hyper-IgE syndrome
E. Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome



The answer is B. DiGeorge syndrome.


DiGeorge syndrome is a disorder that occurs when part of chromosome 22 is missing. This results in several systems in the body developing poorly. It occurs when there is abnormal formation of certain problems during fetal development.

One of the symptoms is epileptic seizures.

DiGeorge syndrome is also known as velocardiofacial syndrome.

You are running a field-and-fetch experiment to determine the population size of MendAliens living on an island in my backyard. Initially, he captures and tags 130 MendAliens, which he later releases. Next, capture 90 MendAliens, 20 of which are marked. What is your estimate of the population size of the MendAliens living on the island in my backyard?



First, let's add the options to complete the question and then we'll solve it









N = (M1 x C)/M2


N = population size

M1 = number marked on the first recording

C = the total number caught in the second catch

if you give us

M1 = 130, C = 90, M2 = 20, N = ?

put the values ​​into the formulas we have

(130x90) / 20 = 585

norte = 585

In the light organ, the bacteria are protected and nourished and rapidly increase in number. At night, they provide the necessary light for backlighting. But at dawn, when the squid prepares to hide in the sand for the day, it expels about 95% of the bacteria from the light organ. Which of the following is the LEAST likely explanation for why it is necessary to kill 95% of the bacteria found in the organ lumen?



At dawn, the squid prepares to hide in the sand for the day and expels about 95% of the bacteria from the light organ to reduce or stop the growth of the bacterial population in the squid. This will prevent the bacterial population from becoming too high for the squid to support.


a gamete must contain a complete set of genes


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answer: true


Answer: True

Explanation: This is my guess, so good luck.

Vytorin is a relatively new drug used to treat hypercholesterolemia and actually contains two effective active ingredients. Vytorin contains a statin that inhibits a crucial enzyme in cholesterol biosynthesis, but it also contains a compound that inhibits the intestinal absorption of dietary cholesterol. Which of the following is an accurate assessment of whether this medication can be used to treat familial hypercholesterolemia (FH)?



Hypercholesterolemia can be defined as the medical condition in which the individual has a high level of cholesterol in his body. This is also known as high cholesterol.

The medicine Vyotrin is used for the condition of high cholesterol. This medication can be used to treat the patient suffering from familial hypercholesterolemia. This drug cannot target the receptors that are missing from familial hypercholesterolemia.

What variables affect the fermentation process? A. Like aerobic cellular respiration, fermentation produces ATP molecules. B. Fermentation requires less oxygen than aerobic cellular respiration. C. The independent variable in the experiment was the type of sugar used to produce ATP. D. Based on experimental data, the preferred fuel choice is glucose. E. The rate of fermentation is higher when the fuel source is a disaccharide. F. The greater the amount of sugar used, the higher the rate of fermentation.


The variables that affect the fermentation process can be expressed as:

A. Like aerobic cellular respiration, fermentation produces ATP molecules.

C. The independent variable in the experiment was the type of sugar used to produce ATP.

D. Based on experimental data, the preferred fuel choice is glucose.

  • Fermentation can be considered a process that involves breaking down a substance into a simpler substance.
  • It involves the production of chemical changes in organic substrates as a result of the action of enzymes.
  • Microorganisms such as yeast and bacteria are very essential in the fermentation process, just like other processes such as aerobic cellular respiration, there is always a production of ATP molecules.
  • When the process is carried out, the independent variable usually depends on the type of sugar involved in the production of ATP.

Therefore options A,C,D are correct.

Learn more at:øgeresultater

For anyone who still needs it, the answers are:

A. Like aerobic cellular respiration, fermentation produces ATP molecules.

C. The independent variable in the experiment was the type of sugar used to produce ATP.

D. Based on experimental data, the preferred fuel choice is glucose.

Which of the following is not an example of exponential growth? A. rabbit populations after being introduced to Australia
B. Pribilof reindeer after eating most lichens
C. a bank account that earns interest
D .mold that gets on bread overnight



B. Pribilof reindeer after eating most lichens


Exponential growth refers to the specific way in which a quantity can increase over time. Occurs when the instantaneous rate of change of a quantity with respect to time is proportional to the quantity itself.

From the options above:

B. Pribilof reindeer after eating most lichens is the right answer because if we take a look at the other options;

A rabbit population after being introduced to Australia may have undergone some behavioral changes that cause it to change drastically over time.

a bank account that earns interest increases over time.

Mold that appears on bread overnight is the result of bacterial growth and also increases over time.




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Which of the following is incorrect about the plugin? Choose one:
to. consists of at least 20 blood proteins
b. appears in the blood only during a reaction to a pathogen
C. works in a cascade reaction
d. involves a classical pathway
mine. involves an alternative route



The answer is B. Only available in the blood during the response to the pathogen.


Complements are part of the immune system that contain serial proteins that interact with each other, thus enhancing the ability of antibodies to eliminate pathogens.

Plugin functions can be divided into four, these are

* Lysis of pathogens

* Activation of inflammation

* Improve phagocytosis of antigens

* Clearance of the immune system.

Which of the following is a major cause of size limits for certain cell types? A. the difference in plasma membranes between prokaryotes and eukaryotes
B. the development of larger cells after the development of smaller cells
C. the observation that longer cells tend to have a larger cell volume
D. the need for a surface area sufficient to allow cell function
E. the evolution of eukaryotes after the evolution of prokaryotes



D. the need for a surface area sufficient to allow cell function


Many cellular functions such as exchange of respiratory substances and gases, absorption of nutrients, cell-cell communication, etc. they require cells to have sufficient surface area. A small cell has a higher surface area/volume ratio and therefore maintains a higher rate of exchange of substances. As the cell increases in size, its surface area grows less than its volume. Therefore, the surface area required to perform cellular functions sets an upper limit on the size of the cell.

Cells maintain the necessary surface area by dividing and/or developing folds or protrusions on the surface. For example, cells in the wall of the small intestine must maintain a higher surface area to absorb nutrients. Therefore, cells in the wall of the small intestine develop microvilli to have a larger surface area, which in turn supports a relatively higher rate of absorption.

Which of the following best describes the biological role of the lac operon? A. It ensures that a cell devotes resources to the production of enzymes involved in lactose metabolism only when lactose is available in the environment.
B. Prevents other sugars from being metabolized until all available lactose is used.
C. Ensures that a cell constitutively produces enzymes involved in lactose metabolism.
D. It ensures that bacterial cells only produce lactose when no other food sources are available.



D. It ensures that bacterial cells only produce lactose when no other food sources are available.


E. coli uses three enzymes to produce lactose. The genes for these three enzymes are located in the lac operon.

What can go wrong under the interface? A. The cell may divide unequally, resulting in a very small cell and a very large cell. B. The chromatids could separate and all move to the same side of the cell. C. A base pair can mismatch during the duplication process and cause a mutation.



The answer is C. A base pair can mismatch during the duplication process and cause a mutation.


It is known that an interphase is the resting phase between the first and second division of meiosis, where the change was most evident.

In this phase, the cell copies its DNA in preparation for mitosis. This means that cells absorb nutrients, grow, read DNA and make proteins. These processes are considered normal cellular functions.

Which of the following best describes the complete sequence of steps that occur during each PCR cycle? 1. The primers anneal to the target DNA. 2. The mixture is heated to a high temperature to denature the double-stranded target DNA. 3. Add fresh DNA polymerase. 4. DNA polymerase extends the primers to make a copy of the target DNA. 2, 1, 4 3, 4, 2 3, 4, 1, 2 2, 3, 4 1, 3, 2, 4



2, 1, 4, 3



Heat denaturation to separate double-stranded DNA into two single strands


Annealing primer to target sequence

Primers that hybridize (bind) to the complementary sequence mark the target DNA sequence



New double-stranded DNA molecules are formed that are identical to the original double-stranded DNA target region


End of first cycle of PGR

Fresh DNA polymerase is added

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Which of the following BEST describes a centrically attached cusp of a mandibular left second molar? to. It is the dystofacial cusp and occludes in the embrasure between the first and second maxillary molars.
b. It is the dystofacial cusp and occludes in the central fossa of an upper second molar.
C. It is the distolingual cusp and occludes in the embrasure between the maxillary first and second molars.
d. It is the distolingual cusp and occludes in the central fossa of an upper second molar.



The answer is B- It is the distofacial cusp and it occludes in the central fossa of an upper second molar.


Centrily attached cusps are also called seal cusps, it is a type of cusp in which the facial cusp of the mandibular and palatal cusps of the posterior maxillary teeth are included. They occlude in the central fossa and the marginal ridges of the opposing teeth. Centric occlusion is the position of the mandibular condyle when the jaws are closed and the teeth are in maximum intercuspation. Occlusion is the static relationship of the teeth, it means "to close".

Will's coworkers go out to lunch every day and often ask Will to join them. However, Will always refuses because he is afraid of others seeing him eat. You are worried that you will embarrass yourself in front of your colleagues and they will not like you anymore. You will most likely be diagnosed with __________________________.



The correct answer is - social phobia.


A social phobia is characterized by social judgment, or being negatively judged, evaluated, or rejected because of performance or the social situation.

It's social anxiety that leads to the shame of doing a certain activity so you don't have to deal with shame or judgment. You will most likely be diagnosed with social phobia.

Therefore, the correct answer is - social phobia.

What are the different types of agents that attack plants and animals? What are some of the ways that pests and diseases affect crops? Since when has rust been recognized as an agricultural problem? How has ergot affected social history?



Explanation: The agents that attack plants are

fungi, bacteria, mollicutes, parasites

The agents that attack animals are: viruses, bacteria, humans, infectious diseases and living organisms.

[12/18, 11:07 am] +234 703 566 9727: Causes changes in crop growth

changes in photosynthesis

Both positive and negative.

Abundant in crop production

Delayed in production

Viruses mutate and can become more pathogenic to humans. Some viruses can originate from other animals, such as birds, bats or pigs, and then become infectious to humans. An influenza pandemic is a global outbreak of disease that occurs when a new influenza A virus appears or "emerges" in the human population, causes severe illness, and then spreads easily from person to person around the world. Such a pandemic____________.



Viruses can be defined as those organisms that show the boundary between living and non-living organisms. Viruses can only replicate when they enter the body of a specific host.

Viruses are pathogenic to humans and can cause fatal diseases such as AIDS. The pandemic status of the virus depends mainly on the question of time. The onset of the disease state before the onset of the other disease.

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